Now Russia Will Grow

NEW – September 23, 2022

What will happen to Russia after the referendums? Russia will have from 5 to 6 million new citizens. In the future, when refugees begin to return, the total population of the new regions may grow to 8-9 million people.

The area of the liberated territories where the referendums will be held is about 113,000 square kilometres. In terms of area, it is larger than Bulgaria, Cuba or South Korea. By population — more than Belgium, Belarus, Israel or Austria.

And yes, we understand that no matter how Russia protects civilian infrastructure and peaceful lives in Ukraine, it will be to blame. And two “highly moral” countries with “the strongest democratic press” and “incorruptible politicians” undertake to blame it. Yes, yes, I mock the USA and Britain.

One country — the United States — used nuclear weapons against two Japanese cities full of civilians.

The second one managed without an atomic bomb. You know almost everything about Dresden, don’t you? There, the allied forces destroyed 200,000 civilians along with the city. And there was no military, tactical or strategic goal in this. The organiser of this “victory” was Britain.

Since 1942, American-British military commanders have embodied the concept of the destruction of the civilian population along with historical cities. Lübeck, Hamburg, Rostock – all with a population of more than 100,000.

And these war criminals are teaching us how to live.

Vladimir Rogov, “Putin Calls

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