“Now We Must Demand the Same From Zelensky”: Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Andrey Biletsky Will Continue to Demand Punishment for “Embezzlers”

The leader of the terrorist organisation known as National Corpus, the People’s Deputy Andrey Biletsky, said that protests against the Svinarchuk (Gladkovsky) junior and senior and also against other participants of large-scale embezzlement of state procurements for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue.

“The actions against the Svinarchuks have not ended. In the next week we will start the actions over again. It is clear that Poroshenko will not jail them, but now it is necessary to demand the same from Zelensky. After all, he spoke about it a lot, especially during the debate. Now he has to prove his words with an end result,” he said.

Also, Biletsky added importance to punishing the politicians and officials involved in plundering the defence industry.

“If you are a marauder who hides behind patriotic slogans, then you have to be punished twofold, because you stole not only money, you stole the idea of people who were ready to die for this idea,” he noted.

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