Noxious Simulacrum of the US “Party of War”

By Ollie Richardson

The geopolitical reality that now takes place revolves around a scenario whereby the very alleged perpetrators of the September 11th attacks in New York, 2001, enjoy the financial and moral support of Americans and inhabitants of the western world in general.

At the time (2001) this phenomena was, for some, unthinkable. For others, it was entirely forecastable – after all, history does in fact repeat itself. Or rather, Russia is still enemy number one. Alas, here we stand, in the year 2017. The US “Party of War” (a mixture of George W. Bush “neo-cons” and post-Iraq invasion “post-racial” ultra-liberals) has completely destroyed Iraq, although today, thanks to the work of the Iraqi counterterrorism and Hash’d forces, the south is relatively ISIS-free; Afghanistan has become an insurgent’s paradise, the opium trade is booming; Libya now has 2 governments (only one is legit) and is the main drop-off point for the arms trade in Africa; Yemen has a demonic mix of wahhabist jihadists, al-Qaeda, and western mercenaries roaming whatever is left of the streets after almost 2 years of daily “US-led coalition” bombing; Syria is not only physically crippled after the “richest” (federal reserve’s endless printing) countries in the world staged the greatest proxy war known to man, but also economically after years of sanctions; Europe collectively has rusted infrastructure, and economies on par with the likes of Honduras; Ukraine has been bled dry by the IMF and by the neo-nazi government in the Rada.

Despite politicians coming and going in the time that has passed since “al-Qaeda” flew planes into the twin towers, the “Party of War” has kept its nucleus of John McCain, Joe Biden, Lindsey Graham etc… Besides ensuring that US tax dollars are siphoned into the military-industrial complex, these megalomaniacs have sought to ensure that International law and the UN Charter remains as impotent as ever.

Thus, the entity that allowed the Bush administration to showcase some cartoons and a vial of mock anthrax, resulting in a million Iraqis being subsequently massacred, is the same entity that shrugged its shoulders when later down the line the Chilcot enquiry confirmed that there was no legal basis for the invasion.

The entity that allowed NATO (US occupation of Europe) to enter Libyan airspace (yes, the SAM systems were left in the hangers for some reason), bomb it into the stone age, is same entity that shows great concern for refugees drowning in the Mediterranean.

The entity that allowed Saudi Arabia and friends to cross the Yemeni border, and exclusively bomb civilian areas, creating a humanitarian catastrophe, is the same entity that places an arms embargo on the resistance.

The entity that is silent whilst the US government arms and funds salafist movements in Syria, bombs governmental troops and even a UN aid convoy, is the same entity that calls for peace in the Levant.

The entity that turns the other way whilst the Kiev regime parks weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements on the contact line and receives unconditional support from western governments, the OSCE, and even the IMF, is the same entity that demands a cessation of hostilities.

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And, when the militias of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics defend themselves, people like Samantha Power are allowed time at the UN to completely manipulate facts.

When the Syrian army kills terrorists in East Aleppo, the UN permits nations who sponsor the said terrorists to convene an emergency session to plea for a no-fly zone in disguise.

When Iran develops nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, suddenly they have to seek permission from the west. North Korea is reprimanded en masse by UN members for testing missiles – something that the US does monthly. Let’s not even speak of Palestine. The list goes on and on. And these are only examples post-2001.

The formation of this parallel “one rule for them, one rule for us” universe is the direct result of not only the influence of the “Party of War”, but also the total collapse of the Anglo-Saxon empire in general. Out of the well-known five stages of denial, London and its bastard-child Washington, after fluctuating back and forth between stages 1 and 2 for over a century, are fast approaching stage 3 – a forced transition because of the emerging geo-multipolarity.


In this stage, it is not possible to comprehend that another nation is entitled to its own raw materials, culture, future, and so on. These nations are wrong. No logical reasoning is necessary – they are just wrong! For example, the idea that in the USSR everyone had something, rather than the Anglo model of creating an imagery “middle class” (poor people on credit), is just too much to bear. Thus, the printing press came to the rescue with headlines describing Russia as “barbaric”, and Stalin as “repressive”. In 2017? Well, let’s listen to “songbird” John McCain. Did anything change?

And NATO, created to counter Soviet influence in Europe, of course has to harp on about “Russian aggression”, because in reality such a thing doesn’t exist.



When the weight of denial becomes too much, anger starts to rise to the surface. The Red Army cannot be permitted to liberate Berlin and spread their “dirty communism” to every street corner. Cannon fodder must be sent to Normandy to stop them! Hitler must be pushed towards Stalingrad! That didn’t work? Create the Mujahideen. Arm and train Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, and then create al-Qaeda for what is known as “Operation Gladio B”. When the Soviet troops start to control the situation, it’s time to arm the “warriors” with stinger missiles!

These “moderate” men can even be exported to Yugoslavia for the further massacring of slavic people and to pull the Balkans away from Russia.

That only worked partially? Now it’s time for a double blow – Syria & Ukraine. Create the perfect antagonist “evil muslims” ISIS (a spin-off group from Islamic State in Iraq) as a vague justification for yet again bombing a foreign country. After, create the “Free Syrian Army” – a conduit that will allow the transfer of US weapons to both ISIS and al-Nusra. In parallel to this run an aggressive “Syrian revolution” propaganda campaign, which will feature such “heroes” as the White Helmets, Bana, Hadi al-Abdallah, Raed Fares, Kareem Bilal Abdul, Mouaz Moustafa, Charles Lister, Michael Weiss, Julian Roepcke etc. Their mission? Sell terrorists as the good guys.

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Then embed NGOs all over Ukraine and stage a successful coup d’etat. Unleash genocide in Donbass, and then blame Russia. Violate NATO’s own Charter and stage war games in Ukraine. Change the IMF Charter so that countries already indebted can still be issued credit. 


After Anglo-anger has run out of gas, i.e. the bottom of the money pit becomes visible, and the mainstream media has become a blunt sword, it’s time to develop simulacrum to keep the tax payer detached from the reality that the US can no longer save the world from “evil dictators. In this pseudo-reality the US “Party of War”, through operant conditioning, convinces its voters that it accomplished all of its objectives: Russia is at the mercy of the stars and stripes, the Middle East is one big NATO base, Aleppo is an Islamic emirate, Russian tanks are parading around Ukraine and very soon the Baltics, the F-35 II fighter jet is a feat of engineering, and most importantly – “democracy” is all over the globe!

However, the sobering truth hidden from the public is that Russia is light years ahead of the US in not only the technology sphere, but also in the economic sphere, which is why Trump, as a way to not upset the pro-war crowd, has temporarily substituted Russia for Iran as enemy #1. This can be considered as a necessary downgrade, as Iran is not quite the powerhouse that Russia is. But Iran will also humiliate the US in any direct conflict, so this is why any aggression is exclusively contained in official statements and in the media.

This was done to appease the Israeli lobby (AIPAC) and to also keep the US and its worthless currency somewhat relevant in geopolitics. Under Trump, the US isolates itself from the global mess previously created, and tells Europe “sorry, the decrepit condition of the EU is your problem now”. Negotiating with Russia over Ukraine will be difficult because of John McCain’s fetish for inflicting misery on anyone who isn’t a white American. Perhaps something can be agreed whereby the US still retains some influence in the Middle East (the S-400 is moved 500 metres east) in exchange for the removal of Petro Poroshenko.

Regarding the economy, a stock market war with China is inevitable. Saudi Arabia is to be kept as an ally, because their money is much-needed to service the national debt. They can be used as proxy against Iran too, but the actual likelihood of the USA directly attacking Iran is zero. Token gestures like criticising Israeli illegal settlements in the West Bank and Gaza also will help to sit on two chairs. All these processes form the reality running in parallel to the simulacrum of the “Party of War”.

CEO of Al-Arabiya – a wahhabist news agency based in Dubai: “Tweeting under this hashtag to thank Trump against Iranian terrorism #TrumpWarnsIranianTerrorism


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As the silhouette of the imaginary external boogeyman begins to fade, the average US citizen is left feeling horrified by what it sees in the mirror – a brainwashed subject of the “Party of War”. It turns out that watching Fallujah being doused with white phosphorus isn’t actually an education, nor is the constant self-simulation over how “great” the US military is. Inventing personal success stories on the back of the misery of others suddenly isn’t so satisfying. The country’s infrastructure is rusted, and the liberal ideology adds a new suffix to “LGBT” every year. The US “Party of War” mantra – that destroying all other countries makes the US the “best” simply because it is the only one remaining – creates a social psychosis far more powerful than post-traumatic stress disorder. When this phase will become the new collective conscious, the next phase begins…


The realisation that the US isn’t actually “exceptional”, and that “democracy”, “freedom”, and “terror” formed the lexicon of the largest psychological operation known to man will thrust forward the process of reversing the damage caused by the “Party of War”. Only those who were able to reject the Soros-backed experiment of pitting the public against one another through stratification based on biological categories will be able to confirm that George Carlin was right: “They call it the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it”.

Jean Baudrillard once said, “We live in a world where there is more and more information, and less and less meaning”. Today, John McCain and Lindsey Graham have created dangerous simulacrum. As time goes on, the average American will be dragged deeper and deeper into this black hole, and Trump could begin to feel isolated himself. This has already happened before – a convertible on Dealey Plaza in Texas.

Now that the anti-Russian “adventure” of the past century has come to an end in Syria, McCain and Graham will try to inject the “denial-anger” paradigm as deep as possible into the vein of US society. By succumbing to this, Americans will find themselves stuck in a paradoxical space, where war is supported because it “guarantees freedom and democracy”, but the moment a bomb is dropped on another country the said guarantees become null and void – the only winner is the military-industrial complex. Thus, Trump is taking an isolationist stance not because the US economy needs reviving, but because the blowback from over 70 years of CIA savagery would ensure that the US never has the chance to enter the stage of “acceptance”. In the meantime, the simulacrum of the“Party of War” will seek to convince Trump that two plus two equals five.

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