Nuland Demands to “Deal With Putin”

No matter how noisy the finale of the US presidential election may be, it is not necessary to expect decisive changes in the State Department’s foreign policy from the change of figures in Washington. This was directly and, perhaps, even directive stated by Victoria Nuland. The same former Assistant Secretary of State of the State Department, the lady with cookies from the Kiev Maidan, who now, along with the long-known hater of Russia Madeleine Albright, who equated our country with “Bangladesh – only with missiles”, forges foreign policy for the new president. Former ambassadors and foreign ministers of Spain, Germany, Sweden – more than two dozen of them – gathered in the Albright Stonebridge group under the wing of old Madeleine. For them, Nuland is nothing less than a Senior Counselor. What does she advise?

The criterion for judging her advice is well served by the forecast of analysts Stratfor, who believe that the US economy, whose GDP fell by 2.4% in the third quarter of last year, will remain weak for a long period of time, and this will “undermine Washington’s ability to exert global influence”. But this doesn’t seem to stop Nuland. The “Foreign Affairs” magazine, which gave the lady with cookies a good dozen pages, published her “program for Biden”, if not in full, then without serious cuts.

A significant part of the author’s reasoning is an expression of longing for the past, when in 1991-1993 at the US Embassy in Moscow, she established ties with Yeltsin and his government, and then worked for six years in the State Department.

Those very times when our country was divided into spheres of influence by crooks from politics and business, gathered around the first president of Russia, and the American State Department taught them to democratise, privatise, elect or not elect.

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But then there was Putin, who “violated arms control treaties, international law, the sovereignty of his neighbours, and the integrity of elections in the United States and in Europe because the United States and its allies allowed him to do so.”

This is brave. True, it’s the peak of the coronavirus in the US, and not so much can be seen and heard around the Capitol, but this is the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which helps us “better understand the world and the foreign policy choices facing the United States and other countries”. Nuland, free of charge, helps us understand the cold war axiom of “the need for continued US leadership at the presidential level, unity with democratic partners and allies, and a shared determination to deter and repel the Kremlin’s dangerous behaviour”.

Nothing new, you say? Moreover, it is old. “Whoever wins this presidential election will – and should – try to deal with Putin again. The first step, however, should be to strengthen the overall and strict protection of the security interests of the United States and its allies, wherever Moscow challenges,” Nuland dictates. Given more than 800 US military bases around the world, it is necessary to understand that any interests of Russia outside its own borders, the new President Biden must be hostile towards.

The goal is “to prevent Putin from restoring Russia’s sphere of influence in eastern Europe and vetoing the security measures (i.e., the possibility of joining NATO) of its neighbours”.

This is not new and has long been clear to us. But even within our own borders, it turns out that we owe Nuland a lot. In the last two decades, she believes, “Russian people have constantly and increasingly forgotten their rights – freedom of expression and assembly, political pluralism, fair trial and an open economy”. If these are the same values that the American embassy in Moscow instilled in the 90s with the help of Nuland, then let her keep them for herself – they would be very much needed in Washington these days, when “newly great America” trampled on its own president and the will of 70 million Americans for expressing their own opinion about election fraud.

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It is clear that there are few chances to argue with Nuland in person. But leaving outright lies unanswered is simply not possible. She writes: “20 years of no investment in modernising Russia can only be attributed to him (Putin). In 2019, Russia’s GDP was anemic 1.3%… Russian roads, railways, schools, and hospitals are being destroyed. Residents are growing uneasy, as the promised investment in infrastructure has not appeared, their taxes and retirement age are rising… 59% of respondents support decisive, drastic changes… 47% are against the extension of Putin’s powers.”..

The Levada Center, paid for by the US State Department, surveyed us unfortunate people. Over the 17 years of its existence, it has learned well to meet the needs of its masters and gather around it those who vote for the Americans.

But the lady with the cookies is still very much stuck in the dear 90s. She didn’t have time to realise that in 2019, the GDP of the US barely reached 1.7%. And in the first half of 2020, due to the pandemic, our GDP fell by 8%, and the US’ – by 9%. So where are these leadership bubbles coming from?

Here’s the last one: “Putin has always understood that a belt of more democratic, prosperous states around Russia is a direct challenge to his policies and a risk of re-infecting his own people with democratic aspirations.” A belt… Let’s not take the trouble to count: the impoverished Baltic states that have lost all their own industrial infrastructure and are fed from the Brussels table? A hysterical Ukraine, poisoned by Nuland’s cookies? Maybe Georgia, which still lives at the expense of the Georgian Military Road and Turkey, where it sends ores and ferroalloys that Russia does not need?

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Understandably, Nuland is the trumpet of hand-rubbing Democrats. “The President of the United States should lead the campaign to strengthen democratic societies in the fight against Russian attempts to interfere in free elections, spread disinformation, incite social contradictions and conduct political influence campaigns,” she says…

Pot calls the kettle black.

The past US presidential election, and all four years of Trump’s tenure in the White House, have shown how large-scale and unpunished the so-called democratic elite of the US uses the Internet to silence their opponents and completely plant lies even in the minds of Americans themselves.

It is naive to think that it acts more diplomatically with the international community. Only the complete blocking of the tools of psychotropic influence of the Democrat-top – Google, Amazon and other American corporations that dominate the Internet today – and forcing them out of the sphere of influence of national information resources will be able to stop this information war, with the help of which Washington can elect or remove any, not only its own, president.

Actually, this is exactly what Victoria Nuland is talking about.

Elena Pustovoytova

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