Nuland’s “F*ck the EU” & Footage of Radicals Opening Fire on Protestors Were Presented During the Trial of Yanukovych

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


According to the lawyer of the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, Vitaly Serdyuk, footage of the gunfire of Maidan protesters proves the existence of a single scenario of a coup d’etat in Ukraine.

The defence, during a hearing of the Obolonsky district court of Kiev, showed footage of the use of weapons by radicals against police officers during the riots in February, 2014 in the center of Kiev.

In this footage it is visible how radicals open fire from pistols and rifles towards law enforcement bodies. Besides this, the attacks on law enforcement bodies and the throwing of “Molotov cocktails” at buildings in the center of Kiev are also visible.

As the lawyer Serdyuk stated, these videos were filmed in February, 2014, and “prove a single scenario of the violent seizure of power in Ukraine, instigated by the Ukrainian opposition”.

Also in court footage was shown of the testimonies of former fighters of the special forces Berkut unit, who claim that radicals shot at them, but this is not being investigated.

In addition, the audio recording of telephone conversations between the then US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the head of diplomatic mission of the EU Catherine Ashton, and also between Nuland and the American ambassador in Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt were heard. According to lawyers, the files were taken from open sources.

“These officials discuss the facts of providing assistance to the Ukrainian opposition in the formation of the government,” noted Serdyuk, specifying that this was planned to taken place after Yanukovych’s overthrow.

As the lawyer noted, the politicians mentioned in these conversations then held posts in the government of Ukraine. Serdyuk also said that the court recognised this proof as admissible and added them to case materials, which will be given a legal evaluation.

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