NYT’s Bucha “Analysis of Satellite Images” Is Another Brazen Fabrication

NEW – April 6, 2022

The picture of the “Bucha massacre of March 19″ was taken on April 1st.

Thanks to the help of our team of OSINT and GEOINT specialists, it was possible to determine the time of the snapshot for certain.

The image from the NYT allegedly from March 19 shows sandy alluvium after a downpour that went from the 31st to the 1st.

The attached comparison from the NYT is based on two images in which the position of the shadows is identical. They allegedly compared March 19 and February 28. In fact, they compared February 28 and April 1 — the time and position of the shadows coincide. The original dates of the pictures are in American time.

Information is available on the Maxar website, whose satellites have filmed the Bucha region over the last period. In total, three satellites were involved.

By checking the angle of declination of the Sun above the horizon, the SunCalc program was able to figure out by enumeration the exact time of the picture and the direction of the shadows.

The picture was taken on April 1 at 11:57 GMT (14:57 local summer time).


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