Obama Orders the Killing of Al-Qaeda Leaders in Syria

Translated by Captain Ahab


By Elijah J.Magnier


The US have added four of Jabhat Fath Al-Sham’s leaders to their terror list. US State Department issued a new list containing terrorist organizations that include four leaders from Al-Nusra a.k.a Al-Qaeda in Syria, which only recently changed it’s name to Jabhat Fath Al-Sham.

President Obama has ordered the killing of the leaders of the organization for the first time since the “Syrian uprising” in 2011, which opened the door to these Jihadist leaders, offering an incubator from which sprung the most dangerous Jihadist organization in the world under the name of the “Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant”, ISIS, as a result various terror organization were born out of ISIS’ womb.

This surprising move from Obama, as he is about to leave office, came hours after meeting with President-Elect Trump who had promised during his elections to come down hard on Al-Qaeda and ISIS, and to cooperate with Russia on counter terrorism.

The US administration explicitly expressed through their military leaders that the two terrorist organizations (ISIS, Al-Nusra) had not been targeted because they were part of what the Obama administration as well as the US and European media labeled as “moderate opposition”.  US warplanes had targeted some of the foreign leaders who had migrated from Afghanistan,Yemen and other muslim countries from around the world to Syria, wanting to answer the calls of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri who said “All Jihadists ought to head to Syria and support Jabhat Al-Nusra a.k.a Jabhat Fath Al-Sham.”

Obama’s initiative is far too late, the Pentagon and the CIA has trained, armed, and supplied the “Moderate opposition” with weapons and intelligence information.

The US has also supported the Jihadists diplomatically and in terms of propaganda. The same Jihaditsts that they say they want to bomb today, having failed to find a Syrian/Arab forces on the ground who would cow tow to every American command, much like the Kurds.

Why would the US support Al-Qaeda – Whom they say are their fiercest enemies – the answer to that question is two-fold:

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1. They are used to keep Russia and Iran bogged down in Syria, to try to drown them in the Middle East, which is a giant quagmire.

2. The US fears that the “Moderate opposition” would be squashed if the Jihadists were to be eliminated, those same Jihadists are in an alliance with the “Moderate opposition” in the fight against the Syrian government and its allies.

Today, Syria finds itself in a different situation: Russia has sent Admiral Kuznetsov, and also have built new aerial and navy bases, thus cementing Russia in Syria for at least the next 49 years.

Russia has also announced that it will not allow the Jihadists to taste victory, and here it is, ready to throw its full weight behind the SAA, to accelerate and intensify the military victories, especially now that President Trump has been elected, who had previously shared his views on the topic, and had said that he does not wish for the US and Russia to fight over Syria.

It is expected that Russia will have double the amount of jets in Syria than it had these past six months, since President Putin had recalled most of them, to give the Americans the time needed to separate the moderate rebels from the Jihadists. It is needless to say that the US has faltered on it’s promises. These jets will start their sorties soon, and will operate on multiple fronts including Aleppo, Al-Tabaqa, Jisr Al-Shughoor, and Al-Bab (Translators Note: Which is extremely important for Turkey, especially now that they hope to have a foot hold in Syria and Iraq).

As for the US’ fears of weakening the “Moderate opposition”, Jabhat Fath Al-Sham has just failed in what it called the “Mother of all battles for the liberation of Aleppo”, as they retreated they left behind 2000 fighters, either dead or injured, even though they deployed tens of suicide bombers, from different parts of the world, Uyghurs, Saudis, Tunisians, Egyptians. The opposition and the Jihadists had refused Russia’s offer of letting them leave Eastern Aleppo, along with the civilian population that want to leave, because the opposition believed that the siege was about to be broken. Instead it was the opposition and the Jihadists that lost positions in key districts such as the 1070 housing district and its surrounding hills, along with Al-Hikmat school. What remains is Al-Assad suburb, which is up to this hour is witnessing fierce battles (Translators Note: SAA established full control over Al-Assad suburb).

Now that the Jihadists edge is broken, the US recognizes that Jabhat Fath Al-Sham cannot stop the Syrians and Russia. And so the attention is now turning towards striking ISIS in Raqqa, or at least tightening the noose further in the North East, perhaps they will expand towards Palmyra or will stand their ground and defend their positions. This has led Obama to recognize that he cannot change the situation in Syria in any meaningful way, and so striking Al-Qaeda has become a necessity, because the US no longer benefits from their existence and because other opposition groups such as Ahrar Al-Sham, Nur al-Din al-Zinki, Jaish Al-Islam represent the larger portion of the Syrian opposition.

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There is another reason for Obama’s shift in policy: he has been informed by the DOD of reports that suggest Al-Qaeda is planning an attack in the US or Europe. This warning coincides with other reports that emerged from sources in Al-Qaeda, that the Republican party is one of Al-Qaeda’s favorites, because it becomes much easier for their recruiters to persuade muslims that Jihad is the only solution, due to the hostile policies that subsequent presidents have administered, the last of them being George Bush (Translators Note: Though Sheikh Muhaysini is considered one of Ahrar Al-Sham’s great scholars, the group is still considered to be moderate.)

These sources are from Al-Qaeda, which the 2001 September operation took 5 years of planning, and so according to sources, Al-Qaeda have had enough time to plan another major operation (Translators Note: Funny how that works all throughout the 1980’s and 90’s the US armed and trained the Jihadists).

These deliberations have come about after Al-Qaeda had posted messages of Bin Ladin’s son, Hamza, while he was threatening the US, and repeating his father’s oath. And after Al-Qaeda had asked their supporters and members to plan for attacks against the West.

All this shows that the US played a dangerous game, given now that Al-Qaeda is stronger in Syria, the US preferred to take a shot at Russia rather than securing the West against terrorists. Their change of heart is too late now, because Jabhat Fath Al-Sham have in their ranks Al-Qaeda’s first generation, who have invested all their experience to build up and support Jabhat Fath Al-Sham, this group has shown remarkable prudence in avoiding direct confrontation with the US for many years now, and their members have the know how to operate the most sophisticated weaponry in use today. And so they are in possession of both political and combat experience that is not to be underestimated, the US will not be able to eradicate them either in Syria or anywhere else. The US have been fighting against them in Afghanistan, Yemen and in other regions of the world and have yet to defeat them.

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And so in the upcoming months there is likely to be military escalation that is unprecedented, so that a political solution comes into fruition and to get the “Moderate opposition” to fight against the Jihadists. Though for the latter to happen the “Moderate opposition” need to have a few cards up their sleeve that they can bargain with, to achieve some of their basic requests after 6 years of war. And so 2017 will determine how long the Syrian war will last, a war that is about to enter its sixth year as Trump prepares to start his presidency.

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