Obama Appointed as Cleaner of the Ukrainian “Augean Stables”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Yury Selivanov

The scapegoat is in the starting blocks.

Obama is appointed as the cleaner of the Ukrainian “Augean stables”.

On the Mediterranean coast of Spain the Villa of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was found, which was not specified in his Declaration. The investigation was prepared by journalists of the program “Scheme”, the joint project of the American radio “Liberty” and channel “UA: First”. According to them, the immovable property, located to the West of the resort town of Marbella, is registered not as Poroshenko as an individual, but as the controlled-by-him firm Feruvita SL.

For obvious reasons I have no pity at all for neither Poroshenko nor his Spanish Villa. But further clarification is still necessary in this regard. Note the title of this sensation, which, for better documental presentation, is presented here in “facsimile” version:

So, “Journalists found an undeclared Villa of Poroshenko in Spain”. I can say for a fact that for more than thirty years of my journalistic activities, I did not find any villas. Moreover, for ten years as the leadership of regional TV channels with staff of dozens of people, none of my employees were involved in such investigations and, consequently, never found anything like this.

Why do you think this is? Because for normal journalists such “investigations” are a priori an unaffordable thing. Especially considering  the ducking and diving that the current powers do in order to cover up traces.

So let me not believe in the veracity of this title and the fables of these brave “journalist-investigators”. It’s much simpler. All the prominent functionaries in Kiev are constantly surveyed by Western intelligence agencies, which, armed with their rich methods, gather on them a detailed and rather comprehensive dossier, where there is not only secret “Spanish Villas”, but almost all stolen from the people and stuffed in foreign banks “possessions”. And from time to time, when the political necessity arises, the contents of these files are emptied on the desk for public viewing with the help of these same supposedly all-knowing journalists, which, in fact, perform the role of an elementary toilet flusher.

So there is no need to feed us with fables about heroic “investigative journalism”, which only hinder us from fully becoming aware of the fact that the flinging of dirt on Poroshenko was organized by Western intelligence agencies, with aims that are not difficult to guess. Another scapegoat of the regime in Kiev is already in the starting blocks. The reason for such promptness, as the flinging of dirt was organized immediately after the victory of Donald Trump, is also quite obvious. Apparently, the Obama administration was offered to clean itself in these Augean Stables, in which it, through its foolishness and incompetence, transformed Ukraine. And to do it so quickly in order that the new administration does not have to dirty itself with this sh*t. Time is ticking.

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