Odessa Journalist Yulia Vityazeva Will Sue Facebook for Colluding With the Nazi “Mirotvorets” Website

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Eleven Facebook profiles of the pro-Russian journalist from Odessa Yulia Vityazeva were serially banned by the administration of Facebook. Threats and insults arrive in her direction. One of the administrators of the social network cooperating with Ukrainian nazis illegally transferred Yulia’s data to the site “Mirotvorets”, where assassination lists of dissidents are being published.

In response the journalist undertook an unprecedented attempt in the court of California to prove the participation of the administration of the social network in publishing the personal data of users, as well as their cooperation with the Ukrainian extremist and terrorist organizations.

Vityazeva claims that she has at her disposal incontestable facts, testimonies, and also public recognitions of employees of the social network themselves.

It is the journalist Yulia herself who described to the observer of Politnavigator Valentin Filippov how she is going to beat the enemy on their own territory in the State of California.

Valentin Filippov: We welcome Yulia Vityazeva, aka Lozanova, she is also a thunderstorm for Facebook, which fights with a dragon and tries to chop off the heads of these bots of the administration of some department of the network Facebook. Tell us please, your fight is an uphill one, isn’t it?

Yulia Vityazeva: “No. Good morning, good afternoon. Yes, hello all. The fact is that the situation reached an already critical level, both concerning me personally and other users of Facebook. In reality, all imaginable and inconceivable rights that can be violated are being so. Moreover, this data, they are not used, for example, for advertizing, or for other purposes. This is the site ‘Mirotvorets’, which is recognised as a terrorist organisation on the territory of the Russian Federation. And the leaking of personal data of users, including the citizens of Russia living on the territory of Crimea or Donbass, Lugansk, and the citizens of Russia themselves, who are also in this ‘purgatory’ – all of this is a violation of their rights, and this is a violation of Russian legislation.

And in addition, watching how this happens with such impudence, you know that impunity gives rise to permissiveness. Today they published my personal correspondence, tomorrow they will do the same with somebody else’s. And it’s not important who I am – a journalist or the Prime Minister. We all have equal rights.

That’s why there is a need to find out, well, in principle, what we already practically did.

Thanks to some talkative employees of the site ‘Mirotvorets’ who did some dirty trick, and hurried, you know, like ‘I am in a hurry to share my joy’, as is said.

The background is such: all my accounts that gradually appeared on Facebook after the previous ones were blocked, all of them were banned and blocked.

It started ever since I took an active civil position, when I started to write what I think, to say things that aren’t pleasant to many on the territory of Ukraine, the things that they are afraid of.

Well, in general, they decided to eliminate, so to say, inconvenient opponents in such a way. I.e., at first they simply complained about me, some of my publications were deleted, I was banned. Then they decided that, probably, it is simpler to destroy me once than to fight against me every time.”

Well, they destroyed you already eleven times.

“Moreover, it’s not only me. All of our publication ‘News front’ is constantly subjected to repressions. I think that there are a lot of such people.

But, as a matter of fact, the last straw with which all this present story began is when Irina Berezhnaya died, and some Oleshko started to simply post nasty comments under the post of her mother.

Miroslav Oleshko

It grabbed everyone’s attention. Someone tried to block him [Oleshko – ed], but they didn’t succeed. Some entered into a dispute with him, which attracted his attention. He immediately went on the page of the user, immediately gave his data, and immediately these people were entered into the ‘Mirotvorets’ database, because both ordinary and non-ordinary users posted comments under Elena Berezhnaya’s post.

We followed this lead — because, well, how is it possible that we can’t block a user [Oleshko – ed]?! We didn’t manage to do it. Moreover, in defiance of all rules of Facebook he has three accounts at the same time, while in the rules it is written that even having two accounts is forbidden.

(Me, at the time, my two accounts were simply banned. I.e., I didn’t quarrel and didn’t dispute it because it is indeed a valid violation of the rules).

While Oleshko has three accounts. Moreover, after I published on my page on VKontakte – a website forbidden on the territory of Ukraine – an article about the fact that there is a suspicion that Facebook leaks…

Literally, an hour didn’t pass before the publication appeared on his page, plus he published all data that was on the site ‘Mirotvorets’, also violating by this my civil right to inviolability. Then he again wrote some dirt, and threatened me. But for them this is normal tactics.

Then, finally I managed to log in to Facebook from somebody else’s account, which I borrowed. As a result, he banned this account because he isn’t ready to enter into a discussion, he isn’t able. Well, in general, he thinks of himself as a blogger, but his mental capacities, you know, are at the level of writing another ode of Poroshenko and to leak someone else’s data. That’s all. I.e., someone who makes his name exclusively on this: ‘It is impossible to become famous for doing good things’.”

I.e., you want to say that he is a Facebook employee?

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“No. This is an employee of the site ‘Mirotvorets’, who has warm and close relations with Anton Gerashchenko, and also has – excuse me, but it is like this – a dense secret-service network among the administration of Facebook, which he specifically admitted yesterday.

Miroslav Oleshko with “Mirotvorets” creator Anton Gerashchenko.

That in California, at the central office he has a sufficient number of Ukrainians who, as he says, ‘didn’t betray the Motherland’, with the help of which he blocks undesirables and those who are inconvenient. He also has his contacts in the European Dublin office.

Moreover, he openly admits that his main task is to squeeze out opponents from Facebook. He says ‘this is our community, and there is no place for vatniks’.”

Miroslav Oleshko: “By the way, I express my gratitude to the employee from California Aleksandra, who is a native of Kharkov and didn’t betray their Motherland, even being in the US.”

Nikolai Dolinsky: “She will be able to see this gratitude?”

Miroslav Oleshko: “Why am I making this public, friends? So that you know that the US, our ally, didn’t abandon us, and even on 24th August, during the parade, everybody will see it.”

We also have to realize. I already in 2011, when Facebook started to become big, noticed such a thing… The country in which Facebook suddenly starts gaining steam…

“Yes. After that certain nastiness happens.”

In a couple of years the civil war begins. Ukraine didn’t become an exception.

“But you want to say that it is normal?”

No, I don’t want to say that it is normal or not normal. I want to say that it is so. I.e., I understand why there is Facebook. And why we suddenly demand…

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“Wait. Facebook has rules. You come on Facebook, you are asked: Hello, we love you so much, you have a heap of rights. And then it becomes clear that you don’t any rights. And, excuse me, what is the most democratic country in the world?”

Which one? Albania.

“America, which declares itself to be the conscience of nations. At this time this conscience of nations frankly and impudently cooperates with a terrorist organization, leaks the personal data of its users. Excuse me, which Article of the US Constitution does this violate?”

I don’t know.

“So I also don’t know, but I know that such an Article exists. We are still trying to find out in the course of submitting the claim to court. This is first. And, secondly, when the administration of Facebook asks to upload, please, your personal photo, upload, please, a scan of your document. Don’t worry, your documents are uploaded using an encrypted channel, and nobody will see anything. One hour passes, and a certain Miroslav Oleshko, a maggot from Kiev, publishes not only my personal correspondence, my internal office correspondence with Facebook, which also… where the privacy of correspondence is guaranteed and, you understand, it is there… behind seven seals. I.e., he publishes also that these photos that I sent to Facebook for the identification of a personality are already on the site ‘Mirotvorets’. And he, openly, isn’t afraid of anything.

Alexander Pavloshchuk: “Kiryukha stated that human rights are the devil’s ravings. That’s why these vatniks have no rights.”

Miroslav Oleshko: “She didn’t bump into the ones she expected. As well as those who are already in the sky [Irina Berezhnaya, Oles Buzina etc – ed]. They were also fighters.”

Max Rzhevskyy: “Not in the sky, but in hellish hell.”

Once again I will say: impunity gives rise to permissiveness. And nobody will give guarantees that tomorrow in general all not Russian-speaking, but the Russian segment of Facebook will fall under this machine of repression.”

They will fall under it, yes. It is this purpose that they are also enticed.

“In principle, you know, there is a need to be proactive. I consider that such a social network that is hostile, openly hostile, and which violates all constitutional rights of citizens simply has no place in the Russian Federation. For sure.”

Yes, but you want to start legal proceedings in order to be free.

“What do you mean? In this case we in general don’t need it. If we have there no opportunity to express ourselves there, we are constantly blocked there. Sorry, what the hell should we do there in general? They are supposed to earn money on us, to process our personal data and sell it to advertisers, and leak them to terrorist organizations. Tomorrow they will leak it to ISIS?

I want to punish them. Firstly, I want to punish Facebook… for their dishonesty, first of all.

Of course, dishonesty is not an argument for court. When we will prepare a statement, I will acquaint everyone. The facts are available. After I wrote a petition, I sent in all screenshots of Oleshko, and asked to explain on what basis my personal correspondence became the property of the public; on what basis did one of the administrators who I corresponded with deceive me, saying that I was blocked because I violated the rules, that I posted spam or something else…

Although Oleshko admits that he simply asked for me to be blocked, and his request was satisfied. While I was answered again in a standard format: your account is banned forever, you post advertizing.

It is clear that Zuckerberg isn’t personally involved in this. He only sits there and skims off the cream from the work. While there are such maggots, I don’t even exclude that they are Ukrainians or those who sympathize with them, who simply, using their official position…”

Well, you will initiate legal proceedings in America?

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“Yes, of course. In California. And they, when they created the website, at the end of the rules they wrote in small letters that all complaints in court are reviewed only in a court in the State of California.

Well, thank God, in America we also have friends, acquaintances, relatives who will help us.”

Well, we are inhabitants of Odessa.

“I want to simply punish. To punish for impudence, for lies, and for the fact that against my country, my former country, and now also against Russia such activity is carried out, moreover, it is absolutely impudent and barefaced. And, thus, at every step they continually violate rights: they say that Chechen gays in Russia, there are some sectarians, they constantly search for what Russia violated… While they themselves impudently violate rights.

Miroslav Oleshko: “The crazy redhead decided to write a complaint to Facebook unfortunately, one of the employees in Berlin approved the slander of the Russian fascist. I turned to our partners in California, I was asked to simply report her profile and they quickly approved the complaint and removed her profile, despite the fact that she confirmed it via her photograph, which we took for processing you know where [Mirotvorets – ed]. We try not to allow fresh enemies from Russia to enter into our community, there are already enough of them here, up to the eyeballs. She decided to go to war against us, then let her prepare for a response.

P.S. she won’t have enough money for court in the US, and I told her that I will not give it to her.”

Moreover, I can tell you that I don’t exclude that it concerns not only Russians. In the same Syria, Libya, or other countries. I.e., somewhere, if there is even a hint, sorry, an attempt to spit against the wind, and that’s all – you are immediately deleted. I think that if we simply spread a call, worldwide at least a couple of million of people who were offended on Facebook will gather.

Look, the same ‘Mirotvorets’ site. They wrote some new article there. And immediately translated it. They say that it is for our Arab friends that we put it into the Arabic language. What Arab friends? And the fact that on ‘Mirotvorets’ there is a full list of pilots of the Russian Federation who are in Syria?!

Here it isn’t as simple as Yulia Vityazeva being offended. The case, in reality, is of great importance. Because the lists of journalists who travel all over the world are leaked. So you never know, tomorrow some schizophrenic will see someone there and will say something: oh, this is a journalist from Russia. There are inadequate people. Moreover, ‘Mirotvorets’ openly claims that those who are in their purgatory will burn in hell.

Once again I call on all supporters. Don’t give them any personal data. On my profile there weren’t any photos, I never even paraded a photo of a dog. Not to mention photos of children, an apartment. You see, my intuition didn’t deceive me. That’s why you shouldn’t even show aquarian fish. Because, in time it can be used against you.”

Thanks for the warning. You know this affair inside out.

“Our cause is just.”

Victory will be ours.


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