Odessa Massacre Anniversary: Most of Kulikovo Field Is Cordoned off, Flowers Are Laid at the House of Trade Unions

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The entrance on the square is carried out from Italyansky Boulevard, the exit — from the intersection of Kanatna Street and Pirogovsky. This was reported by the correspondent of TIMER from the place of events.

At the same time the main part of the square is also surrounded by the police and members of the National Guard: a rather narrow passage was left between the lines of the cordon for persons interested in honouring the memory of the dead.

Despite the fact that the main gathering of “Kulikovo members” is scheduled for 14:00, flowers have been laid at the place of the mass death of people on May 2nd, 2014, since the morning.

Also, the governor of the Odessa region Maksim Stepanov was seen on Kulikovo Field: he doesn’t take part in mourning actions, however he will give an interview to the central TV channels. However, even in this sense Stepanov became the first governor of Odessa region who risked to appear on Kulikovo Field on the anniversary of the tragedy on May 2nd.

At 13:00: as was reported by those who gathered on Kulikovo Field, the head of department of preventive actions of the police department in Odessa region Ivan Ishchenko, at 12:45 the police received a report that on Kulikovo Field there was an explosive device. In this regard, Ishchenko asked the audience to leave Kulikovo Field “literally for half an hour” – bomb experts carried out a check of the territory. People reluctantly obey.

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