Odessa Massacre “Investigation”: Firefighter Detained Instead of Fire Starters

Translated by Ollie Richardson



The inhabitants of Odessa who were injured during the tragedy on May 2nd have been in custody for more than three years. Petro Poroshenko’s regime brings charges against them for organising the disorder. Thus, none of the Ukrainian nazis have yet been held accountable — despite the direct proof and numerous videos proving their guilt.

The day before in Kiev Ruslan Veliky, the deputy chief of the Ministry of Emergency Situations department in Odessa was detained. He is charged with insufficiently fighting the fire in the Trade Unions Building on May 2nd, 2014 [it should be noted that the fire department superiors were ordered to ignore calls from locals, and generally hindered the extinguishing of the fire, probably on the order of Poroshenko – ed] . Guilty are not the ones who started the fire, but the one who extinguished it.

The deputy’s former immediate superior, Vladimir Bodelan, spoke out in his defence – politically motivated charges were also brought to him.

Vladimir published a special statement:

“Kind people! I have addressed you more than once, explained the occurring events on May 2nd on Kulikovo field and in the center of Odessa.

But today I address you not for the purpose of washing away all that shit that was poured on my head. I learned that my first deputy Great Ruslan Nikolaevich was detained.

Ruslan Nikolaevich is a remarkable officer, a professional firefighter, an honest and responsible person!

For what was he detained?!

Because he, being on vacation, at my request, arrived to the fire as a part of the first fire-fighting crew, risking his life, he rescued people, he did everything for the safety of the firefighters themselves.

He could have ignored my request, he had all grounds to do this, but for him duty and honor is above all, he did the work professionally and honestly!

Is there a drop of conscience in those who conduct the investigation into May 2?!

Don’t you understand that the time will come, and those who are truly guilty of this tragedy will be punished?!

You’ve held innocent people behind bars for 3 years, you try to find scapegoats, you try to blame this tragedy on the firefighters, although you perfectly know who organized the murder of inhabitants of Odessa and how, you also know the perpetrators of this tragedy.

But unfortunately, such the situation in our Ukraine today, and you are servants not of the law, but of political order.

A considerable share of the blame for the fact that firefighters are accused of all sins belongs to the former Minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Bochkovsky S.S.

He, from the first days of work, tried to remove me from my position, to replace my deputies. But it wasn’t easy to do this — the leadership won first place on all indicators in the country, so there weren’t sufficient grounds to achieve this aim. I didn’t become a tool for the job security of certain companies on fire supervision, I didn’t become a pocket grasshopper, and the the Minister couldn’t forgive me for this.

He personally came to Odessa and, surprisingly, didn’t protect the divisions, and began to prove furiously at all levels that the firefighters and personally Bodelan V. R. are guilty of this tragedy.

I’m not aware of examples where the head doesn’t protect his subordinates, but instead proves their guilt, while he completely holds back that he personally gave the command to prevent deaths among the firefighters, to ensure the safety of equipment, to direct fire calculations only if senior officers arrive to the place of the call. But after all, these are his personal instructions to me!

Did I follow the instructions of the Minister?!

I acted within laws and provisions (the code of civil protection), I worked in order to rescue people and to prevent the deaths of rescuers. So did all my subordinates, as did the Great Ruslan, who risked his life to rescue people.

So what do you accuse him of?!

Do you have, dear investigators, at least some conscience, or to you it’s all the same who will be punished — guilty or innocent?!

Everything who hears me, please, spread this article wherever you can!

I can’t turn my back on matters of the destiny of my friend and colleague Great Ruslan!!!!!

Ruslan, I very much hope that my words will be heard. We pray that all this horror will end for all of us! I am sure that you will be at home with your family soon!” wrote Bodelan.

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