Odessa Nationalists “Decommunize” Streets in Honor of The “Heavenly Hundred”

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Nationalists in Odessa arbitrarily replaced nameplates on houses of the city bearing the names of two streets.

This was reported by the correspondent of Stringer.Media.

“Today, on December 29th, representatives of the Svoboda, Syla Lyudey and Narodny Rukh Ukrainy parties decided to engage in the replacement of nameplates of Marshall Zhukov Avenue and Leningradskaya Street. Thus, old plates were dismantled from houses on Marshall Zhukov Avenue and Leningradskaya Street. From now on the specified houses will bear nameplates with new names – “Nebesnoy Sotni Avenue” and “Aleksandr Kutuzakiya Street,” it is said in the message.

According to the nationalists, as is written in the publication, they were “tired of waiting” for the Odessa city hall to be engaged in replacing nameplates of city streets, which were renamed according to decommunization, and decided to independently do it.

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