Odessa Radical Activist & Participant in Events on May 2nd Knifed in the Back

Translated by Ollie Richardson



In Odessa the former fighter of Right Sector, and nowadays the activist of the public organization “Oberig” Nikolay Dotsenko received a knife wound to the back.

The head of “Oberig” Dmitry Vichik reported about it on his page on Facebook.

According to Vichik, Dotsenko was attacked from behind and was struck with a knife in the back. The activist was operated on, but important organs weren’t affected. Currently nothing threatens Dotsenko’s life.

It should be noted that Dotsenko is a direct participant in the events on May 2nd, 2014, and he also took part in many radical actions in Odessa.

Dotsenko in a mask beat a guy who was brought out of one of the tents on Kulikovo Field.

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