In Odessa Radicals Of “Right Sector” Staged a Brawl in the Administration Building

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A brawl between radicals of “Right Sector”, “Azov”, and police officers occurred on 16.12.16 near the building of Primorsky district administration of Odessa before the public hearing on the renaming of streets.

The cause was the return of the streets to the old names after the renaming, which was carried out by the team of Saakashvili. At this time, many streets “disappeared” from the maps of Odessa that did not fall under the law on decommunization. For example, Gaidar, Babushkin, Tereshkova, Marshal Zhukov, and Belinsky.

The building’s security did not allow part of the “activists” to enter, and they staged a brawl.

During the clashes tear gas was used.

According to law enforcement bodies, as a result of the brawl, at least one person was detained.

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