Odessa: “Right Sector” Members Attack Residents Commemorating the Day of Liberation

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Ukrainian nationalists continue to be active all over the country, trying to destroy all things Soviet and Russian. In the afternoon of April 10th on the Walk of Glory in Odessa there was a confrontation between nationalists from Right Sector and Kulikovo Field activists who came to lay flowers at the monument to the Unknown sailor in honor of Day of liberation of Odessa from fascist aggressors.

Law enforcement officers detained six aggressive activists of the organization “Right Sector”, including the former head of Odessa “branch” of “Right Sector” Sergey Sternenko, who tried to disrupt the action of Kulikovo activists. Law enforcement bodies noted that already about 20 “Right Sector” members who tried to disrupt the holiday for residents of Odessa were brought to the police station.

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