Odessa Showed That the Junta Is So Afraid of Us That It Is Ready To “Defend” Us

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Odessa police packed “activists” into police vans with the words “beat these goat herders”, which has aroused the especially rough indignation of Sternenko & Co.

Now these idiots announced a vendetta not only to “Vatniks”, but also to the regional police administration.

The fact that the authorities were so afraid of today that for the quelling of a possible popular uprising in response to provocations [by radicals – ed], they brought to the city and involved border guards, National Guard, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, and pro-Ukrainian organizations, which showed their willingness to help in the protection of public order — for patriots it is all the same. Just like it is with the fact that additional forces of border guards with armored vehicles were transferred to the border with Moldova. Most likely, border guards are used as a mobile reserve in the event of disorder in the city, for its blocking, and also for the prevention of receiving possible help from Transnistria.

Generally, the authorities secured themselves in all directions, and is not ready to risk losing Odessa even in the framework of total decommunization and carte-blanche that was given to “activists” [radicals – ed]. That’s why “patriots” found themselves at first in the police vans, and after — in the regional police department, and the inhabitants of Odessa had the opportunity to pay tribute to the memory of the real heroes of Odessa.

The main conclusion from today’s situation: the junta is afraid of us. Moreover, it is so afraid that it is ready to “protect” us even at the expense of its own interests and the “dignity” of its faithful jackals from among the “patriots”.

For real understanding — here is a video, and the comments from these same “activists”, who won’t allow us to live peacefully. So there is something to work on, dear inhabitants of Odessa!


Ivan Igorovych: “Last time, Vatniks widely unshackled themselves. They broke plaques, they toppled monuments, they shove heroes out of buses. Because they know that it is THEIRS [police – ed] who are at power!” Ledokoin of Getman: “Who allowed a PRO-RUSSIAN meeting in Odessa?! Why should we pay taxes for COPS who defend separatists?! WHO NEEDS SUCH POLICE?!”

Vira: “We continue to observe a f*****g circus tent with the participation of activists and National Guard members” (Quoting article about National Guard defending Sberbank against the activists). Vatnyi Dresden: “Patriots are broken by Avakov’s dogs, pro-Russian meetings take place in Odessa with grandeur!!!” (quoting video about police defecting to the separatists’ side in Odessa). Ukr_Che: “And what in general happens at our place? Police and National Guard of Ukraine defected to the side of separatists? Odessa, Kharkov, Kiev…” (quoting article about representatives of National Corpus repulsing activists from Sberbank).

The video below is entitled: “The police harshly calmed down neo-Nazis on the Day of liberation of Odessa from the Nazis”.


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