Odessans Demand US Embassy in Moscow to Investigate 2nd May Massacre

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



As was reported by one of the organizers, Odessa political emigrant Alik Vetrov, a protest is being held outside the walls of the US Embassy, because “it is absolutely senseless to hold negotiations with war criminals, traitors to their own people, terrorists, and puppets from Kiev”.

“Today, September 2nd, marks 222 years of our native Odessa. It seems to be a beautiful combination of numbers, but this celebration is tinged with sadness and pain… The day of the city can’t be fully enjoyed until the issue with the Odessa tragedy is finally resolved and the murderers that are behind this horrific reprisal are punished. The massacre that was done in open view of live television in front of Europe’s eyes – people were killed, burned, and beaten to death,” stressed Alik Vetrov.


“Moreover, even now the inhabitants of Odessa not allowed to gather on Kulikovo field, in order to honor the memory of the dead… Every Sunday it is “mined”… People are so scared in Odessa… And all this in the so-called “European democratic country,” he added.

Also, the meeting was attended by the Odessa politician, the leader of the party “RODINA” Igor Markov.

“We urge American curators and owners of Kiev puppets to force them to fulfill with the Minsk agreements… nobody needs the war in Donbass. What is happening today in Ukraine is a huge tragedy of the Ukrainian people. Again I want to appeal to the American leadership that they leave my country alone. We ourselves will create order,” he stressed.

In the opinion of Igor Markov, the water erodes the stone, and with an overall efforts Ukrainians will be able to convey to the US and Europe its position of pursuing peace and better living standards.

“The European authorities, many European politicians, already see what is happening in Ukraine differently,” he said.




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