Odious Ukrainian Judeo-Banderist Aleksandr Roytburd Called the Odessa Massacre “A Day of Victory”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The burning of people in Odessa by Banderists on May 2nd 2014 became a “day of victory” for the city, because through the horror Odessa allegedly avoided the fate of Donetsk and Lugansk. This was stated on the air of the “Skrypin.ua” YouTube channel by the Euromaidan activist and modern Ukrainian artist Aleksandr Roytburd.

On the air of the program he admitted that he personally spread fake information – that it wasn’t the inhabitants of Odessa who died in the building of the House of Trade Unions, but citizens of the Russian Federation and Transnistria.

“Why did I receive so much hatred from FSB employees. The matter is that in Odessa there is such a ‘First City’ TV channel. And on that day, on May 2nd, it said that there were 48 dead, that none of them were inhabitants of the Odessa, and that all of them were citizens of Transnistria and Russia. I was called by Lyosha Botvinov and told that there is indeed such information. I, as an inhabitant of Odessa, was delighted that subversive forces died here, and not the inhabitants of Odessa, and I wrote about this on Facebook. After this, I was called by Schuster’s studio and asked: ‘You wrote such things, is this true?’. I said: ‘Wait, I will recheck’. I called Botvinov and ask what channel aired it, he said that it was ‘First City’. On Schuster’s broadcast I said that this is the information of the ‘First City’ TV channel,” said Roytburd.

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“Half an hour later Lyashko spoke on the air: ‘As was written by Roytburd on Facebook, Russians and Transnistrians died there, and there were no citizens of Ukraine’. I imagined the horror that seized curators in Moscow, they thought that all their agents had died there. After this the attacks on me began, I started to be blocked [on Facebook – ed], I received 20 pages a day of obscene language and letters with words about whether the ghosts of the burned inhabitants of Odessa appear in my head, and that their blood is on my hands. Such hysterics and panic, they simply freaked out,” stated the artist.

“In turn I said that this is a ‘day of victory’, although I have pity for these deceased ‘extras’ [rent-a-crowd – ed]. That’s why if it was up to me, then it wouldn’t have been these ‘extras’ who died here – their organisers should’ve burned there”

he stressed

The Maidan supporter also stated that thanks to the deceased victims, Odessa “was horrified and thus avoided the fate of Lugansk and Donetsk”, for which he is very grateful to those who “won”.

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