Odious Ukrainian Nationalist Irina Farion: Don’t Discuss Anything with Russian-Speakers, Just Take Off Your Shoes and Hit Their Ugly Face

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The former people’s deputy from the Svoboda faction Irina Farion tolerantly, in a European way, suggested to not have any discussions with the Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine and to immediately hit their “ugly face”.

(Farion’s comment is at 4:07; notice the portrait of Bandera behind her…)

This is how she answered the question of the “zolochev.net” journalist “how to properly answer Russian-speaking Ukrainians who say: What difference does it make what language we speak?”.

“I am not going to tell them anything, I’ll just take off my shoes and hit their ugly face, and that’s all. One shouldn’t speak to such people, one shouldn’t try to prove anything to them. One should marginalise them and throw them outside the boundaries of society. They brought war to the country, they are the authors of war. They are the authors of more than 11,000 killed at the frontline. There shouldn’t be any conversation with such people. Only force should be used”

answered one of the main fighters for the Ukrainian language in the country with irritation

Farion cited the experience of the Czech Republic, which in 1918, after 300 years of German expansion, deported everyone who refused to learn the Czech language.

“They were really packed up and taken away. The Czechs are happy, and the Germans are happy. But we still pander to them still and consider that it is necessary to speak to them about something. No! We’ve been doing this for 27 years. We write books and instruction manuals for them, we talk to them about the beautiful Ukrainian language, we wear our vinok and embroidery, they already wear our embroidery.

No, we shouldn’t give them an education nor work. What’s the difference [concerning what language you speak – ed]? You won’t receive anything in the state! Trott off to Putin, the borders are open!”

said the hysterical Ukrainian patriot

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