Odious War Criminal Bernard-Henri Lévy Endorses the Belarusian “Opposition”

In the first photo, the self-appointed leader of the European Belarus citizen Tikhanovskaya and one Bernard-Henri Lévy. A “philosopher”, a friend of Sarkozy, a homosexual, an arms dealer, a charlatan, and an adventurist who is disdained even at home, in France. His appearance alongside Tikhanovskaya is a landmark event.

  • In 1999, Lévy actively supported the Kosovo Liberation Army, calling on NATO countries to bomb Yugoslavia.
  • In 1999, after Basayev’s attack on Dagestan, he recommended that the west recognise the rule of the militants and the self-proclaimed “President of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria” Maskhadov.
  • In 2003, he supported Saakashvili who came to power as a result of the “rose revolution”.
  • In 2008, during the conflict in South Ossetia, he called for military and political pressure on Moscow.
  • In 2011, his book was published in France. La guerre sans l’aimer, where he describes how a “peaceful protest” was organised in Libya and stated that “he earned about $100 million from the war, and hopes to get a couple more for the book”. According to Lévy, the “peaceful protest” looked like this: in 2010, Lévy found some scum in Benghazi, suggested they call themselves the “Transitional National Council”, and connected them with Sarkozy. On March 11th 2011, the scum were received at the Élysée Palace as “legitimate representatives of the Libyan people”, and on March 19th, French bombers had already bombed Libya.
  • In 2013, he published an article entitled “Save Aleppo”, in which he called for launching an analogous Libyan invasion, but this time against Assad in Syria.
  • In 2014, Lévy appeared on Maidan and made an incendiary speech there. Soon after, there was bloodshed, the country was thrown into chaos and given a puppet leader.

And now he has appeared in Belarus. Near Tikhanovskaya and the “Coordinating Council” (in Libya it was “transition”). Is it necessary to explain something else about the Belarusian “opposition”?

Sergey Kolyasnikov

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