Official Celebrations in Honor of Hitler’s Nazis Took Place in the Lvov Region

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the Lvov region the remains of the military personnel of the SS “Galicia” division killed in the Brody cauldron on July 22, 1944 were reburied with honors, an orchestra, and salvos.

The reburial ceremony was covered by “Channel 5” belonging to Poroshenko and the local “Vgolos” publication.

“At the memorial to soldiers of the First Ukrainian division of the Ukrainian National Army on Mount Zhbyr near the village of Yasenevo, an ecumenical memorial service and mourning veche took place. Veterans/division members, representatives of the authorities, and many residents came to honor the memory of the fallen soldiers. Mourning events also took place in the village Podgortsy in the Brody district and in the village of Skvaryava in the Zolochevsk district, where a dramatised military-historical reenactment of ‘escaping encirclement’ took place,” reported the press service of the Lvov Regional State Administration.

It should be noted that the battle took place on July 22, 1944 near Brody, during which Soviet troops almost completely destroyed the SS “Galicia” division created from the locals residents, for who this was the first and last large clash.

“The Soviet army went on to Lvov. We received the order to stop them. There weren’t any tanks, that’s why we fought all the time with small arms. The guys threw grenades and panzerfaust under the tanks,” remembers the surviving soldier ​​from the division Zenon Vrublevsky.

“Everyone understood that there are two totalitarianisms: German – Nazi, and Soviet – communist. Both are the enemies of Ukraine. And the main task was to not allow the ‘red plague’ to come here, and to receive weapons and then fight for the independence of Ukraine,” said the head of the ‘Sudba’ memorial-research center Svyatoslav Sheremeta, revealing the ‘cunning plan’ of the Ukrainian SS members.

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