Oleg Tsarev: A Reminder About Who Is Responsible for the 2017 Military Warehouse Explosions in Ukraine


The Verkhovna Rada organised an investigation commission to investigate the causes of explosions at military warehouses in Ichnye, Kalinovka, Balakleya, Svatovo, and Krivoy Rog in 2014-2018. Comrade deputies! What is there to investigate? Everything was investigated before you. A piece from my interview published long before you formed the temporary investigation commission:

“Everyone saw the scandal when military warehouses in Ukraine were burning. But this story starts earlier. During Yanukovych’s time, Avakov was detained in Italy for extradition to Ukraine. It was thought over for a long time whether or not to extradite him, and Avakov probably would have been extradited if Audrius Butkevičius had not come to his help.

He’s a legendary man. Please pay attention to this man, as he was accused of commanding snipers who killed protesters in Vilnius in 1991 and Kyrgyzstan in 2005, as well as in the leadership of a private military company in Georgia during the Rose Revolution.

This man arrived back then and helped Avakov.

According to unverified information, Audrius was connected to Мi-6. All contacts were involved, Avakov was released, and Audrius became Avakov’s official assistant. Once again, Audrius was noticed during Maidan. For obvious reasons Audrius was persona non grata, but nevertheless the traitorous General of the Security Service Petro Shatkovsky allowed him to enter Ukraine. As far as I know, the General was suspended. Many Security Service employees knew about this event. But the new government quickly corrected this. The Maidanist press could not understand why a General of the Security Service working with Yanukovych was dismissed only in January 2015.

Some security officials of Ukraine believe not without reason that Audrius was one of the organisers of the work of snipers on Maidan. The first who Butkevičius met upon arrival in Ukraine was Turchynov and Avakov, naturally.

Going back to corruption. Remember, the military warehouses were burning, they were the Vinnytsia and Chernigov warehouses. When they caught fire, they accused the Russians of sabotage. The Military Prosecutor Matios, who investigated the case of the explosion of these warehouses, found that the casings were somehow suspiciously small. He calculated how much ammunition should be in the warehouses, how many casings were collected there, estimated, counted. It turned out that there was a 80% deficit.

They started to investigate and found that the weapons were leaving the warehouses allegedly for the ‘ATO’. But then it turned around and went to the Nikolaev port, and were sent to Syria, Libya … ISIS was the recipient. It was sent using American and English intelligence. Butkevičius was responsible for Ukraine.

It is easy enough to verify, taking into account the cost of his acquisitions, that after Maidan he became €50 million richer.

Matios was indignant. He found that Poltorak, Poroshenko, Turchynov, Parubiy took part in theft from warehouses, and the military prosecutor’s office had nothing to do with it. According to very unverified information, Matios was given $10 million for his silence.

This is another direction where American and foreign intelligence agencies earned money in Ukraine. That’s thousands of tons of weapons that went all over the world.”

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