Oleg Tsarev: America Will Continue to Turn Ukraine into a Weapon Against Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


ukraina.ru 1/2/3

The former deputy head of the Party of Regions in the Rada Oleg Tsarev stated,  during a press conference devoted to the 5th anniversary of the events of 2013 within the framework of the “Ukrainian file”, that a new Maidan in Ukraine is impossible.

Five years ago the government of Nikolay Azarov suspended negotiations on the association of Ukraine with the EU. After this there was a coup and a change in the political course.

“There won’t be a new Maidan, because this is a very complicated process. Enormous efforts were made, and at any moment the protesters could’ve been faced with failure,” said Tsarev.

Only thanks to the efforts of four states and the changes that were made to the scenario of the protest – from non-violent to violent – was it succeeded to stage a coup in 2014, he reminded.

“Ukraine will not be allowed [by the West – ed] to fall. Financing via grants and leasing programs from the US are ongoing, the IMF helps. The situation is not as bad as it seems from here,” added the politician.

Real estate rises in price, the hryvnia is rather stable, the decentralisation of the budget took place. 30% of agricultural machinery was recently replaced. Many competent decisions were made, he considers.

“At the same time, the division of the country into two parts still remains. Everyone who supports friendship with Russia remains,” added Tsarev.

Tsarev also stated that the United States will support Ukraine as a counterbalance to Russia.

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After the collapse of the USSR, the US worked with Ukraine, influenced the authorities, invested money, and won as a result, reported Tsarev.

“They will continue to prepare Ukraine and to turn it into a weapon against Russia,” added the politician.

The Americans have always done things like this, said Tsarev. When a new enemy appeared, they used the territory next to it and supported it as a counterbalance to enemies, he specified.

“It was Taiwan for China, there are many other known examples,” declared the politician.

According to him, this process is impeded by the size of Ukraine, where there is a sufficient amount of pro-Russian population. Also, the politician depicted a sad picture of the future of the country.

“Proceeding from the understanding of who will be in power, we will see depopulation, stratification of society, and the infringement of the rights and freedoms. All of these processes will continue,” he said.

Tsarev said that from the point of view of Donbass, all the processes that take place on the territory of Ukraine do not concern Donbass.

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