Oleg Tsarev: America’s Reason to Overthrow Yanukovych – Control Over the Main Richness of Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The main reason for the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych by the Americans in 2014 was their intention to establish control over the main richness of Ukraine – chernozems. The US learnt lessons from the Euromaidan episode, and now they won’t just hand over Ukraine like that.

This was stated to “Politnavigator” by the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev, who supported the Russian spring.

“In Russia many of my comrades hope that a nazi revolution will happen, that there will be chaos, and that this time Russia won’t recognize the Fuhrer who will be elected in Ukraine, and this will allow to enter the troops of the CSTO or something else. Or to attach territories where the inhabitants behave kindly to us – to Russia, and to Russians. At least, to press through federalization against the background of these events.

I consider that the Americans drew a conclusion from the last Maidan. They saw that a loss of power, control, and legitimacy led to them losing Crimea. I.e., they expected to receive all of Ukraine, while they received Ukraine without Crimea. That’s why I think that they will watch very closely, even if there will be a Maidan, even if the situation will get out of hand, in any case they will try to reach an agreement with Petro Poroshenko so that everything passes formally and legitimately, so that he writes a statement of resignation, obtained some guarantees, and so on.

This time isn’t like the last time.

Last time there was an ideal situation. Yanukovych was the legitimate president recognized in all elections. A classic coup. The agreement wasn’t implemented where the guarantors were western countries. And so on. It was possible to play this situation how ever they wanted. I think that nobody in this life will bring us such a situation on a silver platter. Everything will be much more complicated.

And there is a need to understand that behind all the political situation are the interests of specific people, concrete firms and specific politicians who want to earn money from it. And Ukraine, in whatever bad condition it’s in – economically, in chaos, and so on – anyway, Ukraine is steel works, it is a rich country. Very rich, from the point of view of ground deposits. Think about it, Russia still receives nuclear raw materials from Ukraine. If Ukraine won’t suddenly deliver them, the situation will be very difficult.

There are many things. Metallurgy, chernozem. By the way, the more I dig into what happened in Ukraine, and for the reasons of Maidan, the more the picture becomes clearer – everything started with chernozem. From the interests of individuals in Ukrainian chernozem. From obligations that Yanukovych undertook in front of Biden, creating an Agrarian Bank on the sale of chernozems. I have all the figures of this scheme. Then Yanukovych sabotaged everything and went to the Chinese, planning to make a deal alone, without Biden, without the Americans. And all these billions of dollars had to go not there, where it was intended. And immediately Maidan started,” said Tsarev.


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