Oleg Tsarev: Among the Presidential Candidates in Ukraine There Is No One Who Will Stop War

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Oleg Tsarev stated his vision of the situation concerning the upcoming elections in Ukraine and about who has more chances of heading the Ukrainian government in 2019.


“Inside, the Ukrainian agenda hasn’t changed. There are Poroshenko’s friends, there are opponents, and there are people who are still sat on the fence. Generally there is a fight between Poroshenko and Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky supports Tymoshenko and other politicians who will be able to work with Tymoshenko. The last sociological poll showed that Anatoly Gritsenko has a good approval rating, and if he is able to unite with someone, then he will be able to increase his rating and it will be impossible to win against him,” said the politician.

As for Tymoshenko, the expert noted that she has a principle – not to spend her money on the elections, and nevertheless there is the readiness to invest money in her, and if there will be the support of security officers, then she will also have physical support. Support from abroad is the highest for Vakarchuk. Today there aren’t any candidates who are not trying to build up relations with the Russian Federation, except Vakarchuk. Russia must decide who it will support and who is better.

The meeting between the President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the American leader Donald Trump will take place on July 16th in Helsinki.

“Many are waiting for a big deal between the US and the Russian Federation to be concluded. Trump’s hands are tied, but there will be changes. Now the staff of the State Department will be really engaged in solving the problems in Ukraine.

What is happening in Donbass is smaller that what it potentially can be. The big problem is that among candidates [in Ukraine – ed] there is no one who will stop war,” added the interlocutor.

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