Oleg Tsarev: Avakov’s Resignation?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



My source in the Cabinet of Ministers informed me that on the 8th of November in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the letter of resignation of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, written by him, was handed over to the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman. Arsen himself, after the birthday party of Lyashko, the day after the events in Knyazhychi, went on a business trip to Canada and didn’t come back to Ukraine. So this statement of resignation, even though it was written by him personally, was hand over in Ukraine and was registered without his presence.

There is no information about it in Ukrainian media, but I am inclined to trust this information. Everything that my acquaintance informed me about before was always subsequently confirmed.

In truth, this is not the first attempt of Avakov to resign. And it’s not the first time he wrote a resignation letter. During his work as the head of the Interior Ministry, he more than once wrote a resignation letter, and then withdrew it. With such behaviour Arsen demonstrated that it is the current government that needs him and the votes of the Popular Front much more than he needs the government. How will it be this time, time will tell. Poroshenko is actually walking on a tightrope. On the one hand, the group of Avakov at any time may remove Poroshenko and seize power, also Poroshenko may not have another convenient opportunity to remove Avakov. On the other hand, the departure of Avakov, and as a result the departure of the Popular Front from the majority of the Verkhovna Rada, is the inevitable dismantlement of the pro-ruling coalition, which is already bursting at the seams, and it means there will be re-elections, in which Poroshenko will lose control of the government. In this regard, there is no certainty, and the parties still have not made decisions, that’s why neither Avakov nor Poroshenko voiced the statement written by Avakov.

Avakov, a native of Kharkov, did what no one before him has been able to do in the scale of the entire country. He did it in Kharkov, maybe because the main Law Academy of the country is situated there – a source of manpower for the police and judicial prosecutors. Maybe for a different reason, but since the mid-90’s, when in all the other cities criminality ruled the roost, here it was the police who called the shots. Kharkov is probably the only region in Ukraine where it wasn’t bandits who were coming for meetings between representatives of the conflicting parties, but law enforcement officials. Avakov was able to extend the experience of the Kharkov region in the capture of criminals under the full control of the police throughout Ukraine.

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This victory over crime in the struggle for power wasn’t easy for the police. In order to win, the police had to not only adopt the methods of criminals, but also to surpass them in cruelty and ruthlessness. Kharkov people describe how the former head of criminal investigation Cheremukhin Nikolai Petrovich made a major contribution to this victory. It is said that the number of perished was such that it was the time to open their own private cemetery. Not taking into account small bandits and businessmen, the quantity of criminal authorities that were removed without trial was more than a dozen alone. A TV series can be made comparing Kharkov to St. Petersburg, just that the name of this series would be “Cops of Kharkov”. One of the main characters in this story would be Colonel Cheremukhin. There is a lot of information about him in the media. Murders, robberies, including armed ones, murders of collectors, fraud, torture, and even rape of arrested with a broken bottle.

The person is definitely a criminal, but a non-ordinary one. According to my friends, the Colonel, despite his age, is in good shape, is great at shooting with both hands, and if he would have personally shot Gennady Kernes, he would hardly have survived. At the time when, thanks to Arsen Avakov, Nicholai Cheremukhin was appointed Deputy of the Internal Affairs in the Kharkov region, many began to say that turnskins with epaulets rose to power, but despite the public outcry, the appointment took place. Volunteer battalions showed their support for this appointment, according to which, without the active participation of Nikolai Cheremukhin they could not have defeated the supporters of the Russian Spring in Kharkov.

And it is precisely the work with the volunteer battalions of territorial defense that was imputed to the official duties of Nikolai Cheremukhin. Battalions were formed partly from Nazis, (for unknown reasons, in Kharkov there is a long tradition of an ideological neo-Nazi cell, remember where Biletsky comes from), partly because of criminals. It turned out that Cheremukhin was instructed to the things that he was well versed in. In a very short time the entire criminal world of the Kharkov region and the whole of Ukraine was taken under the control of Avakov. Drug trafficking, prostitution, gambling, smuggling mined amber, contraband, money laundering, and car thefts – everything was streamlined. The mutual clashes between criminal organizations became a thing of the past, the system of subordination to a single center started to work. Criminal business began to generate about a $100 million dollars per month.

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As far as the opportunity allowed my companions and I, we tried to investigate the killings of opposition politicians and journalists. And very often the investigation brought us to Kharkov. Only some of the murders received widespread media coverage. The murder of Buzina is one such case. It is said that from three to five groups to eliminate political opponents of the regime were involved. Only we tracked about two dozen such murders. We have to investigate the activities of these groups in the future, so I will not get ahead of myself, but many attribute the leadership of these groups to Colonel Cheremukhin. It is said that Cheremukhin was so influential that his capabilities went beyond Ukraine. It is including for this reason that my friends, who are influential emigrants, avoided to appoint business meetings with Ukrainian partners in Belgorod, preferring Minsk instead.

Many in the circle of Evgeny Zhilin are sure that his murder was carried out in this scheme – Arsen Avakov allocates funds, Nicholai Cheremukhin hires executors. It made no sense to send someone from Ukraine. What for? They could just pay money and get the result. It is not excluded that Russian executors were searched throughout Belgorod. Evgeny Zhilin, despite the fact that he adhered to diametrically opposing views with many representatives of the power structures that are now in power in Ukraine, preserved many business relationships and friendships. Don’t forget that many law enforcers – I have already written about this – come from Kharkov thanks to the Law Academy. Evgeny – a man of the system – is a former policeman. One time he even worked under the leadership of Nikolai Cheremukhin. Now, thanks to his connections, Evgeny Zhilin, even though he was forced to leave Kharkov, preserved his influence in Kharkov. And friendship with Zakharchenko and the DPR neighbouring the Kharkov region even increased these opportunities. I was told that the elimination of Zhilin was not so much politically motivated, which was also present, but was due to the struggle for spheres of influence.

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Many openly speak about what I write in both Kharkov and Kiev. The structure of Avakov and the bond between the police and crime are so strong that even the partners of Poroshenko were forced to pay their levy. But to cover the work of the criminal system indefinitely anyway would not work. Sooner or later, somewhere it would burst. And this was Knyazhychi. As I was told, more than a thousand robberies were made under this scheme. Everything fits into the usual scheme – the department of control over prostitution organizes the work of prostitutes. The department for drug control organises the supply and sale of drugs. It is the same in this case. Those who had to fight with looting, streamlined the looting of the houses in the elite regions. The more details people will know, the more doubts there are concerning the official story.

Whether this time Poroshenko will receive Avakov’s resignation, time will tell. In an extreme case, Avakov will be forced to share power and to take the people of Poroshenko in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The assistants of Avakov try to create the illusion of his presence in Ukraine, announcing a massive special operation in Odessa.

But for a while the situation is such that as long as Avakov does not receive guarantees on his security, he will not come back to Ukraine. The situation surrounding Avakov is stressfully watched by his accomplices and conspirators Parubiy, Turchynov, etc. The approximate estimation of the assets of billionaire policemen is going on. More than a hundred of real estate and shops in Kharkov. About 500 in Kiev. More than a dozen structures listed as real estate. In case of the command to “bite”, former colleagues and partners will quickly start to secure their grip on everything.

In fact, Ukraine is now at a crossroads, and what scenario the events will develop, whether Avakov will be removed or not, will be clear in the next week.

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