Oleg Tsarev: How Azarov’s Shadow Government Should Act

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolai Azarov in an interview to journalists admitted the possibility of creating a government in exile. Former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev in a interview with “rueconomics” suggested how such a shadow government will act.

Exiled Ukrainian government

According to Azarov, the establishment of a Ukrainian government in exile is quite possible, if the country develops the necessary prerequisites for this. Former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev, in turn, paid attention to the fact that if we start with the dynamic aspects, in this case the government of Azarov, President Yanukovych, and the existing at the time Verkhovna Rada possesses more legitimacy than the current government.

“But in order to prove this, there is a need of either an internal decision of the constitutional court of Ukraine for domestic legitimacy, or the decision of the United Nations for external legitimacy. But it is clear that in today’s reality, these solutions hardly seem possible, however, there is a need to move in this direction.”

The actions of Azarov’s shadow government

“And activities of Azarov’s shadow government can be aimed especially at the delegitimization of the current power. The first step in this direction was the decision of Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow concerning the recognition of the events of 2014 in Ukraine as a state coup. Next, it is necessary to continue addressing various international instances in order to show the criminal nature of the current Ukrainian power.

In addition, the “Committee of Rescue of Ukraine” should by all means continue active actions through all kinds of addresses and publications, which are aimed at a domestic audience, to the Ukrainian people. It is precisely in this way that any shadow government acts – it analyzes the decisions of the current power, criticizes them, and offers their own alternatives.

Under a dictatorship when opposition activity in Ukraine is impossible, and the opposition are forced to go abroad, the shadow opposition government is formed outside the country. Such an approach is considered to be natural and normal,” Tsarev explains to us.

Litigation in international courts

But in order to create a shadow government in exile, as was noted by Azarov, the necessary conditions need to mature. They will appear after the ruling elite, which illegally seized power, will be almost unable to carry out their functions, and the people will demand an alternative power.

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According to Tsarev, in order for such conditions to develop, for and Poroshenko and Groysman to be forced to leave, there is a need of time and the efforts of the international community.

If to speak about the possible consideration by the international court of the appeal of the “Committee of Rescue of Ukraine” about the illegal seizure of power, the prospects for this litigation was previously described by the lawyer and candidate of Legal Sciences Andrey Nekrasov. According to the lawyer, the key role here is played by the international community and major players, that’s why to the fore comes questions rather of a political nature than of a legal one.

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