Oleg Tsarev: Biden Was Caught with His Hand in the Ukrainian Cookie Jar

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Biden described how he dismissed the Prosecutor-General Shokin for corruption. Biden described how he expelled Yanukovych. Biden scolded Volker for the fact that he doesn’t fight against corruption like he does. Nobody wonders why so much of Biden appeared in the news feed recently?

Now Biden will do many different statements on the topic of corruption and Ukraine, because he very much doesn’t want to be responsible for the fact that money handed over by the IMF, and thus by the US, was plundered in Ukraine. It isn’t necessary to be a prophet to understand that Trump’s team via Biden’s mouth will try to accuse the team of Clinton by saying that the money of the mother country (USA) was stolen in the province (Ukraine), and that clinical kleptomaniacs were put in place as the top brass of Ukraine.

Ukraine, Russia, China, Iran – all of this is only chips in the hands of political players in the fight for power in the country with the biggest economy and army of all the globe [America – ed]. Wars will start and stop, people will perish, little thievish dictators will be put on the throne and overthrown. Don’t be surprised that all of this happens outside the United States. All of this happens solely in the race for power inside the United States. Remember, the ATO in Ukraine was started in order to help Clinton, who ran for elections with anti-Russian rhetoric. It’s rather possible that she would have won the election if Putin had indeed sent troops to Ukraine.

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I think, in this regard, that the main corrupt Ukrainian officials will start to be grilled even more. Perhaps we will see not just one corruption scandal connected to Poroshenko. And it’s for definite that Kolomoisky won’t be able to stay out of the firing line. It shouldn’t be excluded that the former multi-billionaire Kolomoisky will be forced to ask his former subordinate – the billionaire Korban – for a loan. I think that in the fight between Republicans and Democrats the miscalculations of the former American authorities [Obama administration – ed] vis-a-vis Ukraine will surely be used.

The main conclusion today is that Ukraine slowly turns into a toxic asset for its western patrons.

P.S. When last year I was asked to make a forecast for next year, I wrote that the beginning of year will bring big problems to Poroshenko and Kolomoisky connected to their corruption actions. In this article I tried to describe the reasons for their problems.

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