Oleg Tsarev: Why Did Big Business Support Maidan?

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The simplest answer to this question: because the property of our oligarchs is registered abroad. Because the banks that credit them are located abroad, and their property is respectively put in these banks under the taken credits. Because the pragmatic West can easily take everything earned by “excessive” work, accusing the oligarchs that all this was earned in a criminal way.  Every desire of every thief after a theft is to drag what was stolen as far away as possible from the crime scene and there, at distance, to hide it. But the feeling of saving riches in Europe and the US is illusory. The experience of the post-humorously robbed Hussein and Gaddafi only confirms this rule. The purchase of football teams and large injections in the elections of American and European politicians won’t help. If there is the opportunity to rob – they will rob. And it is precisely those who quite recently generously accepted gifts and money from the next victim of plunder.

The West 100% used the opportunity to put pressure on the Ukrainian oligarchs, threatening to take away their property, open criminal cases, to reclaim credits, and to close the possibility of receiving cheap money. Nuland and Biden, Merkel, ambassadors of the European countries and the ambassador of the US and the European Union during Maidan held not only a dozen meetings with our oligarchs, not only a dozen telephone negotiations both with oligarchs and with Yanukovych. As a result, the media controlled by oligarchs supported the coup, and Yanukovych actually voluntarily handed over power. Maidan was a game in which one side rushed towards victory, without a care in the world, and the second side plays at giveaway, wishing only one thing – to maximally elongate time as much as possible to be able to settle their financial affairs.

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In order to elongate time, the authorities without regret endowed responsible persons, such as policemen and Berkut officers, and those few romantics who, understanding what Maidan will bring, opposed the coup.

But the matter is not only in pressure on oligarchs. The matter is also in the fact that the cost of assets in Ukraine, and in Russia too, is underestimated by the tens. Imagine that you are the owner of a business that in Ukraine cost five billion, but if your assets settled down in any European country, they would cost fifty billion. You won’t take out plants and factories to Europe. But how it would be desirable for Europe to come to Ukraine, and your property without any effort from your side would rise in price by the tens… This desire seems so natural that nobody wondered that in the programme of the Party of Regions, representing the interests of big business, it was written “to promote the movement of Ukraine into Europe”, however, with a stipulation for the electorate, “on the condition of preserving friendly relations with Russia”.

However, expectations that the cost of Ukrainian assets will grow after the victory of Maidan and the signing the EU Association Agreement weren’t justified. War in the East and confrontation with Russia caused such a collapse of the economy that not only the cost of production assets, but also the cost of the land and real estate fell many times. Instead of becoming richer, the Ukrainian oligarchs went bust.

It is necessary to say that from conclusions were drawn from events. It could be logical in this situation to sweep away the authorities that led to such a situation. But no! Today big Ukrainian business is against any changes, including Maidans and early elections. The consequences of Maidan for Ukrainian oligarchs are so catastrophic that now they fairly believe that in the event of any aggravation of the political situation, it is possible to lose what they have left. That’s why, and also for other reasons, the Opposition Bloc today supports Poroshenko and opposes early elections. So criminal cases are opened against Firtash, and should he take an active position, he will simply go to the US to give a testimony – that’s why he’s not very active. In the event of the radicalization of the situation, it shouldn’t be excluded that patriots and activists will bring up the question of nationalization of the enterprises of Akhmetov, and in this case he will lose everything he has left.

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The only one who is ready to flip the chessboard and to place a stake on elections or a coup is Kolomoisky. He is left without assets and influence, but he has money. Cash and big ambitions. Besides this, criminal cases hang over him on the withdrawal abroad of means from Privatbank, owing to which searches of his money can begin worldwide. It is difficult to hide such big money, that’s why the best way to solve this problem for Kolomoisky is to attempt to explode the situation in Ukraine, hoping that after the dissolution of parliament, they won’t remember the stolen money. Not to speak about the fact that in the new reality he can pass from the category against whom there are proceedings, to the category where he will choose the victims.

Recently in Kiev it has been turbulent. Negotiations are being actively conducted, alliances are being formed. At this time weapons are being bought, and people prepare themselves.

The situation in the country is not simple. The party of war convincingly suggests to Poroshenko to leave voluntary, but not before finally changing the Constitution so that the President is elected in Parliament. Poroshenko agrees to change the Constitution, but does nothing in order so that it is implemented. Ukraine as a Parliamentary country, in which the President would be elected in Parliament, and powers and money are transferred to regions, would suit both Moscow and Washington. The most important thing is the absence of a strong President would very much suit big business, tired from presidential requisitions. This scenario suits all. Only Poroshenko is against it.

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We will see what the autumn surprises us with. Poroshenko can be especially surprised, lulled by his courtiers.

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