Oleg Tsarev: By His Actions in Parliament, Poroshenko Is Trying to Show His Teeth

A group of deputies from the faction of the former president of Ukraine Poroshenko “European Solidarity” (ES) on September 11th registered a decree to cancel the results of the vote on the draft law for the procedure of impeachment. The day prior the deputy of “ES” Irina Gerashchenko, known for his scandalous escapades, together with her colleagues, blocked the Rada’s tribune, demanding to deal with the actions of parliament.

At the moment Zelensky, who is experiencing the peak of the publics’s confidence, is trying to establish maximum controllability in his hands. Such an was expressed by the politician and former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev in a conversation with the “Novorossiya” information agency.

“The draft law on presidential impeachment is the usual populism. It is obvious that the votes needed to organise the impeachment of Zelensky’s opponents simply won’t be gathered. But depriving deputies of immunity is a useful and pleasant combination. It will allow Zelensky to keep deputies (first and foremost his own party) in his pocket.

In this sense, such populist actions, in combination with a high approval rating, are needed by Zelensky in order to liquidate the possibility of Poroshenko and other opponents to bring people to protests when Zelensky’s parliament will push forward laws that are indeed needed by Zelensky and which aren’t so popular. This can include, in particular, laws on the sale of land and the privatisation of what remains in Ukraine,” stated the politician.

“The actions of Poroshenko’s colleagues in the Verkhovna Rada are provoked by the danger of him being prosecuted under Zelensky’s governance,” considers Oleg Tsarev. “From 2020 parliamentary immunity will be removed and the former president of Ukraine will no longer have the opportunity to ignore the summons of the State Bureau of Investigations, the Prosecutor-General, and other departments.”

“Concerning Poroshenko’s actions — he is carrying out a pen test. The former president tries to show his teeth. He also verifies to what extent his political force is capable of carrying out such political manoeuvres. And in general, whether or not people would want to follow him. From next year immunity will be already removed. A number of criminal cases were initiated against Petro Poroshenko. Yes, they along with Kolomoisky held negotiations and agreed that Poroshenko won’t organise protests against Zelensky, and he in turn won’t jail Poroshenko. Therefore Poroshenko constantly shows his teeth and shows that it is necessary to reckon with him.

There is a chance that legal proceedings will be initiated against Poroshenko and his colleagues. Andrey Portnov (the Ukrainian politician and lawyer) and Andrey Bogdan (the head of the Presidential Administration) is responsible for Poroshenko’s prosecution. Yes, there are no criminal cases that will allow to jail Poroshenko right now. But the law on removing parliamentary immunity is similar now to the ‘sword of Damocles’ hanging over him,” stressed the former Rada deputy.

Indeed, from all parties in the Verkhovna Rada, Poroshenko’s team opposes Zelensky and “Servant of the People” the most radically. During the recent events, as a result of which the tribune of the Ukrainian Parliament was blocked, Irina Gerashchenko sharply expressed herself in relation to the current regime, having urged to “calm the jugend”, referring to representatives of Zelensky’s team, in particular, the speaker Razumkov. The Ukrainian writer Elena Ksantopulos expressed her opinion in this respect on her Facebook page.

“Concerning ‘jugend’. One can see the terminology ingrained into the brain of deputies of Poroshenko’s party, since their actions define consciousness, and not vice versa. Yesterday information circulated that ‘Poroshenko gave C14 the task of bringing together people who were removed from the allowance of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SBU. Money was allocated for this purpose. They gather all radicals, all of who are especially interesting – from ‘Azov’, ‘National Corpus‘, and ‘National Druzhina‘, as well as ‘non-systemic’ radicals. The superiors were already given a salary of $2000, in order to shake the situation. They want to bring together 3000-5000 people, so far lists are being formed”, wrote Ksantopulos.

Answering the question of the “Novorossiya” information Agency, Oleg Tsarev confirmed the information about Poroshenko’s contact with members of radical formations, which can subsequently prove themselves in various kinds of provocations with respect to the current government.

“I confirm the information that Poroshenko brings together radicals who didn’t fall under Avakov and Kolomoisky’s control. Avakov gave an oath to Kolomoisky in the past and asked to help him finance the ‘Azov’ battalion and other radicals. Therefore Poroshenko indeed finances radicals. I heard that they pay the chief a fixed salary (about $2,000 per month). At stake are the billions of dollars Poroshenko ‘earned’ during his presidency. In order to protect this money, he maintains a faction and an army of radicals.

So then they will be considered. Will he succeed or not? I think not. So far Zelensky hasn’t made mistakes. He needs to increase as much as possible his approval rating in order to carry out the privatisation of the land and the rest of state property and to vote on the Minsk Agreements. Poroshenko will of course try to bring people out onto the streets, to arrange protests, but it’s unlikely that he will succeed,” summarised the politician.

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