Oleg Tsarev: Color Revolution Déjà Vu

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



This morning, in the lobby of the Yalta Economic Forum with my friends, Russian politicians, we talked about the preparation of Maidan in Russia. I said that, having watched the events in Russia, I feel a sense of déjà vu. Too many things are reminiscent of Ukraine.

I said that, from my point of view, in the near future Navalny will develop his “success” and will increase his media activity. His movies will appear more often. Perhaps the structures in regions will start to work and will begin to deliver materials or completed movies exposing corruption in regions, and the streamers will join him. Eventually, the releases will become so frequent that they will merge into an uninterrupted on the air broadcast with often-repeated segments. Internet television created beforehand using grants from abroad especially initially played a big role in the organization and highlighting of protests in Ukraine.

Discrediting the authorities through media resources is the first stage in preparation for a color revolution. Accusations of corruption towards the authorities is a magnificent pretext to discredit the authorities.

It is difficult to believe such actions will be successful in Russia, but there is no doubt that such attempts will happen anyway.

I came back home after the forum, came onto Facebook, and I found Navalny’s announcement that he started the weekly production of his broadcast. Everything without a hitch.

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