Oleg Tsarev: Crimea is the Intermediate Stage of the Reunification of Russia With Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The politician told NSN why Ukrainians believe that they live worse than Crimeans.

A resident of Kharkov on the air political programs on Ukrainian TV burst into an angry tirade aimed at the authorities. According to him, the population of “occupied Crimea” live better than Ukrainians. On the Peninsula prices are lower and wages are higher. In his words, in this situation, “it is unclear who is the aggressor”. Politician, former member of Parliament Oleg Tsarev told NSN why Ukrainians, despite the opposite opinions regarding the affiliation of the Peninsula, still are not eager to leave.

“I am a supporter of the reunification of Russia with Ukraine, so it is not surprising that I’m counting on it, and Crimea in this case is an intermediate stage. Some problems still exist, but roads are built, Kerch bridge US is being constructed, and the gas and electricity supply is established. Not all at once, but pensions are higher and salaries are higher also. And most importantly, people feel in Russia like at home,” stated the politician.

But the day prior, the Ukrainian authorities published plans for the reintegration of Crimea. The document envisages reforms in the territories controlled by Kiev, but the Ukrainian political analyst Oleg Soskin in an interview with NSN said that the return of Crimea can only happen through war. And the resident of Kharkov, complained that he had not managed to exchange his apartment for one in Crimea. According to him, no one wants to take such a step.

“In Russia, utility bills are lower, as well as the cost of gas. Crimea for 20 years was a part of Ukraine, and almost nothing was done. Much has changed for the better, and we hope that it will be much better in Crimea,” said Tsarev, sharing his expectations.

Crimea became a part of Russia in 2014 as a result of a referendum. More than 95% of the inhabitants of the peninsula voted for reunification with Russia.

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