Oleg Tsarev: Day of Victory – Hopes and Illusions

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In his time, because of a fear of Yulia Tymoshenko Yanukovych pumped up the approval rating of Klitschko and Tyagnibok’s “Svoboda”. Now Poroshenko, because of a fear of Yulia, wouldn’t object to a growth in the approval rating of the successors of the PR (Party of Regions). A representative of the PR is an ideal sparring partner for Poroshenko, like how Tyagnibok was an ideal sparring partner for Yanukovych. I think that the non-resistance of the authorities to the celebration of Victory Day and the unexpectedly bold statements of some media agencies are connected precisely with this. In order to achieve his goals Poroshenko started to work in the direction of creating the illusion that the sensible forces supporting the restoration of normal relations with Russia have a chance to win in Ukraine. I don’t exclude that Poroshenko, in a similar way as Yanukovych did in his time, having played too much, will be able to outplay himself.

During Maidan Ukrainian radicals managed to come to power because unexpectedly for them a third force – the Western world – interfered in events. Many hope that this is how it will turn out on this occasion too, but this time hopes are pinned on Russia interfering. I would like to believe in this, but I am afraid that this scenario is too optimistic.

The people who came to lay flowers at monuments of the Unknown soldier this year remembered what mess the nationalists made on this day last year, and they couldn’t know that this year the authorities will give the command not to impede people. But they came all the same. A low bow to them.

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