Oleg Tsarev on the Deceased OSCE Employee

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



I don’t know the name of the deceased OSCE employee. I didn’t know him personally. But I was familiar with many employees of the OSCE in Donbass. In their majority they are not bad people. It is those who know the Russian language who go to Donbass generally. It is those foreigners who specially studied the Russian language who know it, or descendants of our emigrants, usually Russian noblemen who emigrated after the revolution. When a person deeply learns a foreign language, they immerse themselves with the culture and history of this country and, as a rule, behave towards it with sympathy. Let’s agree that there is no sense is voluntarily studying something you hate. I personally communicated with those who came to Donbass to repay a debt to their big Motherland – big Russia. To the Motherland that Ukraine was earlier a part of.

Perhaps it was like that at the beginning, but among those employees of the OSCE with whom I communicated, there were generally supporters of our movement. In Kiev, the situation was different, but in Donbass it was precisely like that. I don’t know what causes this. Maybe they choose themselves where to go, maybe there is some other reason.

There is a war. Sooner or later someone from the OSCE employees was going to die. They understood it. I don’t think that only the salary was the incentive to come to Donbass from replete and quiet Europe or from other western countries.

There are many complaints in regards to the OSCE about the highlighting of shelling in Donbass. But it seems to me that these complaints should be addressed not to ordinary employees, but to the leadership. Chiefs can be and, for certain, are guided by political motives in their work. Those employees of the OSCE who go every day on the immediate frontline to record the latest destroyed-by-shelling house and those who perished there after UAF shelling simply can’t not feel the human grief. Even Ukrainian journalists, having visited Donbass, very often change their position, so what can be said here about foreigners…

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It is precisely for this reason I treated meetings at the hotel where the OSCE Mission in Donetsk was very reservedly, and completely negatively to the fact that their cars were scratched and painted. It is necessary to direct complaints towards the chiefs of the mission, but not to employees who have arrived here with the purpose of stopping the war.

I don’t know the name of the deceased OSCE employee. I didn’t know him personally. But I feel sympathy and I condole with his family, friends, and relatives. Be damned the war and those who unleashed and support it.

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