Oleg Tsarev: Depriving Saakashvili of His Citizenship Is Poroshenko’s First Step to Remain in Power

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



According to the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev, Petro Poroshenko conducts an active race for power, and depriving Saakashvili of his Ukrainian citizenship is the first active step in order to remain in power.

“I know Petro Poroshenko personally very well,” stressed Tsarev. “We quarreled and reconciled with him. I consider that he is a war criminal. He is guilty of the deaths of people, he consciously began war. But at the same time he is a very strong, purposeful, and clever politician. I have no doubts that he will fight in order to remain in power, and won’t stop before anything”.

The politician added that the greatest threat for Poroshenko today is posed by Yulia Tymoshenko, that’s why the current President will do everything in order not to allow her to participate in elections, up to the renewal of old criminal cases and criminal records. As for Saakashvili, he had agreements with Tymoshenko.

“Today all oppositional forces put a stake on Tymoshenko – oligarchs, politicians, security officers, officials. The situation in Ukraine is such that power changes all the time. Officials, security officers, oligarchs, businessmen all the time watch what the situation will be tomorrow. And just in case, many support Tymoshenko today. Saakashvili also supported her. And as Tymoshenko’s partner, he had a political future. As an independent figure, he has no future. And it is quite possible that if Tymoshenko comes to power again, she will also return Saakashvili’s nationality,” stated Tsarev.

Tsarev noted that if Poroshenko begins to lose in the political struggle, then he can expect the mass treachery of his closest friends, colleagues, officials, and security officers, which both Kuchma, Yushchenko, and Yanukovych faced at their time. That’s why for Poroshenko now it is important to show his force and ability to counter any attempts to deprive him of power.

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