Oleg Tsarev: The Elimination of Amina Okueva Is an Attempt by Nemtsov’s Killers to Remove the Traces

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




The direct participation of Amina Okueva [a former UAF soldier; wife of Adam Osmayev, also a UAF soldier – ed] in the organization of the murder of the Russian politician Boris Nemtsov could become the reason for her murder, stated the Deputy of the last legitimate Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev to “Russian Spring”.

“I can’t state this with certainty, but one my sources among the acting Ukrainian law enforcement bodies gave me a curious version of events concerning Okueva.

According to his words, the organization of the operation that resulted in the murder of Boris Nemtsov as a sacral victim passed through the Chechens in opposition to Kadyrov, and who were based on the territory of Ukraine.

Allegedly Nemtsov’s murder, according to the scenario, had to launch certain political processes both inside Russia and beyond its limits,” noted Tsarev.

He also claims that the murder of the Russian journalist Pavel Sheremet is directly connected with Nemtsov’s murder.

“The Russian friends of the politician asked him to investigate this murder because the traces led to Ukraine. He managed to find out that it is militants of the Chechen ‘Dzhokhar Dudayev’ battalion who were directly involved in the preparation of an operation for Nemtsov’s elimination. As I was told by my sources in law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, it is precisely Amin Okueva who organised and took an active part in Sheremet’s murder, because his investigation went too deep,” noted the politician.

According to him, the fact that after these actions the direct order-givers of the murder of Nemtsov will decide to remove the traces and to eliminate Okueva was clear already several months ago.

“Besides her, one known law enforcement officer connected to the aforementioned battalion and one employee of the Presidential Administration working for the intelligence of one very influential country was eliminated lately,” summed up Tsarev.

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