Oleg Tsarev Explained Why “Warehouses Burn” in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Ukrainian military prosecutor’s office called the fire in the military warehouses in Vinnytsia sabotage. A pre-trial investigation was started under the relevant Article. For the investigation into the state of emergency a team was assembled, a part of which includes SBU employees.

The former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine told NSN his version of the reasons for the state of emergency concerning the arsenal in Vinnytsia.

“The first thing that came to my mind when I heard about the fire in Vinnytsia was that all of this is connected to the scandal that arose in the European media concerning illegal arms supplies from Ukraine. Every time when there is some scandal connected to arms supplies, in Ukraine the officials who are responsible perish and warehouses start to burn,” stated Tsarev to NSN. “In order to prove this it is enough to trace where the arms were supplied. Its cost is estimated at tens of millions of dollars. These are shells, cartridges, machine guns, and, in my opinion, there was also equipment there,” said the former Ukrainian People’s Deputy.

On the Internet there were already jokes that the fire in Vinnytsia became a “gift” for President Petro Poroshenko’s birthday, which he celebrated on September 26th. NSN suggested to Oleg Tsarev to congratulate the Ukrainian leader on his celebration, however he refused.

“I don’t want to congratulate Poroshenko, I consider that he is a war criminal and the blood of people is on his hands,” declared Tsarev to NSN. “He came to power on blood and he holds power thanks to war. He receives power and money, while the inhabitants of Donbass and Ukraine pay for all this,” said Tsarev.

As a reminder, the ignition of military warehouses happened on September 26th, at around 22:00. On the territory of the arsenal, the area of which is about 60 hectares, 188 tons of ammunition were stored, according to official figures. To avoid victims, the emergency services evacuated about 30,000 people from the probable zone of risk. A AN-32 plane P was involved in extinguishing it.

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