Oleg Tsarev on the Fault of EU Leaders for Events in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



It is obvious that the fault belongs to European leaders for the fact that the present Ukrainian authorities didn’t carry out reforms. At the same time, to expect that Angela Merkel will flagellate herself would be naive. Such an opinion was expressed by the politician Oleg Tsarev in connection to the publication of the report of the Bruxelles Centre for European Policy Studies, in which it is said that the EU must stop financing Kiev.

The European Union must stop financing the Kiev authorities as the leadership of Ukraine can’t overcome corruption in the country. Kiev failed to make the promised reforms. Ukraine wallows in corruption, and political forces are still controlled by oligarchs. Such conclusions are contained in the new report of the Bruxelles Centre for European Policy Studies financed by the European Union, reports RT.

“Almost three years after the Euromaidan revolution, Ukraine’s leadership has fallen woefully short in delivering on its promises to fight against corruption within the judiciary, clean up political party financing and decentralise government functions. The customs service has yet to be reformed, property rights are far from being ensured and state-owned enterprises have not been privatised,” it is said in the report.

What decisions in light of this report can be made in Europe? The politician, the ex-deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev expressed his opinion on this topic.

“I don’t think that right now Europe will cardinally change its attitude to Ukraine,” said Tsarev.

According to him, the matter is that Merkel herself, the Polish leadership, Brussels – all those who today in power in Germany, Poland, bear responsibility for what occurred in Ukraine. And if the European leaders will say that supposedly “look how everything turned out badly”, it will mean that they will accuse themselves.

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In relation to Ukraine it is possible to hope for a change of rhetoric only after a change of leaders in Germany and France, emphasizes Oleg Tsarev. As an example the politician cited the situation in the United States.

It is obvious that the Ukrainian power didn’t fulfil its promises, and didn’t repay the hopes laid on it.

“It was obvious also for many others, including me, already at the time when Maidan began. Knowing who comes to power, who leaves, and with what goals, it was obvious that the situation will be like that. For them it wasn’t evident,” said Tsarev.

The politician paid attention to the fact that it was Germany who initially played a big role in the events that occurred in Ukraine.

“And the candidate for President who they pushed was Vitaly Klitschko. And they took a very active part, and only at some stage did the United States in the person of Biden change the game from Klitschko to Poroshenko and more actively engaged in the processes that happened there,” noted Oleg Tsarev.

“Therefore the fault of the European leaders is obvious, and to count on the fact that Merkel will flagellate herself would be naive,” summed up the politician.

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