Oleg Tsarev: Goncharuk Acts Counter to Zelensky’s Policy

The Ukrainian Prime Minister Goncharuk did not contribute to the record increase in the country’s defence budget — this sum was earmarked and calculated by the previous government. This was stated by the politician and former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev in comment to the Novorossiya News Agency.

Commenting on the recent statement of Goncharuk about the largest in Ukrainian history expenses on security and defence, Tsarev noted that another fact is interesting here — the Prime Minister does not follow the political line of the President of Ukraine Zelensky.

“I don’t see anything surprising in the fact that Ukraine such a large sum budgeted for defence although, probably, it would be more correct to say ‘for war’.

The matter is that the budget of Ukraine was imposed by the representative of the party of war, the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Groisman, and Goncharuk practically hasn’t today changed the budget — all figures were earmarked and calculated for it in accordance with the budgetary declaration that was reported in parliament.

However, I want to note that in this situation something else is more important — Goncharuk, a few days ago, was reprimanded only recently by Zelensky for the fact that he visited a club and addressed Nazis. Zelensky considers that now it is necessary to take a certain centrist position — not to undermine society. On the one hand, to refrain from making some statements and signs of sympathy towards Russia, and on the other hand not to do obvious curtseys and not to cave in especially under the Ukrainian Nazis.

In turn, Goncharuk’s PR managers consider that it is necessary to move in another direction. In just several days he already for the second time acted this way, the Prime Minister was reprimanded by Zelensky, and now he again makes statements that are pleasant to the ears of Ukrainian radicals.”

When asked what succession of events in Donbass should be expected against the background of the disruption of the withdrawal of troops from the contact line and the protests of radicals, Tsarev noted that today possibly nobody can precisely say how the situation will develop. However, the politician pointed to interesting details of the protests.

“Now nobody, no politician, no analyst, not even Zelensky’s administration know in what direction events will turn. Today Biletsky carries out a special operation for Zelensky.

Pay attention, Biletsky is after all an employee of the National Guard of Ukraine and he is now in Zolotoye. Biletsky has no right to move forward anywhere without the registration of a business trip! The operation was thought over well – an action with an alleged checkpoint breakthrough, all these bright statements, strict ultimatums.

I will honestly say, I am more than sure that this is a well thought over special operation. Biletsky occpupied Zolotoye so that it wasn’t occupied by Yarosh or some other radicals. Now about 500 people are there and are paid a very good salary for it. The sum is rumoured to fluctuate from $1000 to $2000 a week. Veterans of the ‘ATO’ receive this or that sum depending on whether or not they have an award or hunting weapon on themselves, and so on. These people shouldn’t allow other radicals, to Nazis to come there.

Then, in the event that an order will arrive from the Administration of the President of Ukraine through Avakov, they will either let go of Zolotoye and then, perhaps, there will be a real withdrawal, or not let go of it.

It is clear that Zelensky delayed this moment, he was very much afraid of the ‘No capitulation’ march on the birthday of UPA, which took place on October 14th. He even left the capital especially, just in case — this is the fear that he has. This trip to Donbass was planned solely out of fear that suddenly something will go wrong and radicals will begin to seize the Presidential Administration.

I consider that now events can go in two directions: either Zelensky will show political will and the withdrawal of troops from the contact line will begin. Troops will be withdrawn, an exchange of prisoners will take place, the Verkhovna Rada will put to the vote the question of amending the Constitution, there will be a vote on the law on elections, on the law ‘about the special status of Donbass’, i.e., there will be the implementation of the Minsk Agreements and the establishment of the peace process.

Or there is another option — there won’t be any withdrawal. In this case, the ‘Normandy format’ meeting will perhaps be disrupted. Zelensky will specifically raise the issue that the ‘Normandy format’ should consider not only Donbass, but also Crimea, and for Russia this is unacceptable. Zelensky will refer to the fact that Russia is against it, and allegedly therefore there is no peace process and the issues of conflict resolution in Donbass will be postponed from 2 to 5 years.

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