Oleg Tsarev: The Groundhog Day of Yury Lutsenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



In the evening of January 11th, 2014, in Kiev during Maidan Lutsenko, protesters, and a number of people’s deputies tried to free the condemned Vasilkov terrorists from the police van. Today Lutsenko threatens those who released Saakashvili with criminal cases.

Remembering the events of that time:

As is known, in the evening of January 10th and in the night of January 11th, 2014, in Kiev there were clashes in the hall of the Kiev-Svyatoshinsky district court – where a verdict was pronounced concerning the “Vasilkov terrorists” case, near the court building, and then also on Victory Avenue near the court. The explosive planted by terrorists in the Lenin monument, which they planned to blow up for Independence Day during festive actions, could have resulted in the deaths of many people. The condemned would’ve sat in prison for a long time, but, as luck would have it, at this time Maidan was taking place on the streets fo Kiev. Terrorists were called political prisoners, and protesters, deputies, and the former minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Lutsenko tried to repel them away from the convoy. During a fight with the police, Lutsenko hurt his head. He was taken to hospital, and there, during a blood test, an enormous blood-alcohol level was found. The next day in the hospital the ambassadors of western countries visited Lutsenko, and made statements supporting him. It is especially the ambassador of Germany in Ukraine who was outraged at the event the most. The commercial clinic “Boris” makes a statement that in his blood there is a small dose of alcohol. And the wife of Yury Lutsenko, Irina, stated that the former minister has been taking sore throat medicine over the past month. “If the throat remedy ‘Givalex’ is an alcoholic drink, then I, my husband, and all our family take it, because all of us had a virus. We’ve been taking it for 1-1.5 months,” noted Irina Lutsenko.

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I think that during the attempt to repel the condemned, the convoy in general could’ve shot to kill, but the perverted logic of Maidan, relying on the support of the West, said that the actions of the police were cruel and excessive. Attempts to justify and prove that Lutsenko, under the influence of alcohol, behaved inadequately, weren’t taken into consideration. Back then the authorities were accused not only of beating Lutsenko up, but also of falsifying Lutsenko’s analyses.

In general, as you understand, all of this put the authorities not in the best light. And all of this happened against the background of Maidan, raging in the city center. Time has passed. And now I can describe how we got out of that situation. A maximum of information was received from the technical department of SBU.

The phones of Lutsenko and his wife were wiretapped. That’s why the first that we received was a recording of an emotional conversation between the couple, where she reprimands him for his eternally drunk state. As I understood, such a state for the former minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was habitual. Many remember the case that became widely known when Yury Lutsenko was too drunk to stand, he, despite his status of being an acting minister with a diplomatic passport, wasn’t allowed to board the plane at the airport in Frankfurt.

We, in the same way, were able to listen in to the conversation between the owner of the commercial “Boris” clinic and Irina Lutsenko, in which she asked to falsify the analyses of her husband. We decided to go further – to find the place where Yury Lutsenko was on a bender. By analysing the connection of the mobile phone to the hexagonal cellular communications it was possible – however, not really precisely – to define where our target was located. It is necessary to say that as the Ambassadors of western countries actively became a part of the support for and the organisation of Maidan, all their contacts and movement were traced. The staff of the technical department discovered an interesting fact. The phone of the ambassador of Germany and Lutsenko at the same time were approximately in the same place for a long time. We started visiting the drinking establishments in this district. The guess that on 10th January Lutsenko met the Ambassador of Germany in the afternoon was confirmed. Luck shined on the field investigators, and they found the restaurant where met Lutsenko met the Ambassador. Even the waiter and the bill, which had been paid. I don’t remember the details, but the amount of alcohol that was drank was fairly large. I would say, perhaps, for my low-drinking way of life such a dose would be deadly.

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The fact that the ambassadors directly interfered in the internal affairs of Ukraine is shocking in itself. But how to explain the statements of the Ambassador, who observed with his own eyes how much Lutsenko drank and the state he was in afterwards? There is only one explanation – the Ambassadors cynically and in a barefaced manner sided with Maidan in the standoff between Maidan and the authorities [Yanukovych – ed].

Using the received information it was possible to easily negate the media attack on the authorities caused by this case, if it wasn’t for the impossibility to explain how this data was obtained. As you understand, wiretapping and shadowing people’s deputies and ambassadors was never advertised.

The next day in the lobby of the Verkhovna Rada I gave a press conference, during which I accused the Ambassador of being biased. I reported that I have all data allowing me to prove my accusation against both Lutsenko and the Ambassador, and that if either of them calls into question my accusation, I am ready to publish the proof. I also asked to leave the police men who didn’t allow the condemned to be repelled alone.

Why did I write all of this? I simply remembered this episode, looking at Lutsenko speaking from the tribune of the Verkhovna Rada, saying with pathos that a crime had been committed – the protesters – accompanied by a number of people’s deputies – fought off the special troops from the detained Saakashvili. Less of the pathos, Yury! God loves the modest.

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