Oleg Tsarev: How Biden Became Involved in a Mess With “Porky Pig” Poroshenko

The material that US President Donald Trump’s people collected against his main rival, Joe Biden, was mostly obtained from numerous detractors Petro Poroshenko had gained during his presidential cadence.

This was stated on the air of radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” by the former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev.

“Everything that we’re seeing right now, the whole impeachment situation, is an act of despair on the part of the Democrats, they want to spit this situation out right now because they realise that they have a desperate situation when the electoral campaign starts, and Trump is pulling this criminal case out. The only thing holding him back now is that he realises that if he throws him out right now, he won’t have Biden as a rival. He wants Biden to be the rival.

All materials are ready, and there, besides Biden, are still a number of very serious names, pillars of the Democratic Party. Presidents change, they stay and run in elections. I will not name surnames, but they are all in this criminal case, and Trump is not interested in this case being unleashed before the electoral campaign begins,” said Tsarev.

“It turns out that there is an interesting game here: for a while Soros‘ interests coincided with Giuliani‘s. The only thing Soros is interested in is for the “Burisma” scandal to surface right now. Soros started betting on another candidate, he wants Biden to leave the electoral campaign, that there is no way out, he will unequivocally lose,” added the former people’s deputy.

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He also recalled that the story with Biden started after Aleksandr Turchynov was illegally appointed acting President of Ukraine after the 2014 state coup, after which the Americans allocated a billion “for the development of democracy” within the framework of the “Society for International Development” program, where the US allocates 2% of its GDP “(not without benefits for itself) to democracy in all countries”. The money that actually legitimised Turchynov’s position and the state coup was allocated with gross violations of American legislation.

“Every year, a billion dollars is allocated: Turchynov was allocated, Poroshenko was allocated, and Biden arrives and says: ‘The next billion I will not allocate if Shokin (the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine, who initiated the case against Biden’s son – ed) is not dismissed within six hours’. Poroshenko calls Shokin, Shokin – shocked, says: ‘Petro, I initiated a criminal case on your command, I don’t have time to close it in six hours, give me a week’.

Biden says, ‘Either fire him or close it within six hours while I’m in Kiev’. Shokin says: ‘It’s unrealistic, I’ll be jailed afterwards’. Shokin is dismissed, Lutsenko (the new Prosecutor General – ed) closes these cases, and it took him more than a week, it was procedurally impossible to do… Thus Shokin was removed, and the criminal cases closed,” said the politician.

Tsarev went on to recall that a little earlier, after Trump won the election, it became clear within six months that his main competitor would be Biden, who “did nothing at all but Ukraine”. Trump, in search of a compromise, started digging “what Biden has in Ukraine”, and stumbled upon a lot of people offended by Poroshenko, who started folders to provide materials on the Ukrainian president and Biden.

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In two years they worked out, up to each dollar, where the allocated three billion went – it was all stolen. During the investigation, the Americans started to pull Ukrainian politicians into the United States for interrogation, which all as one threw Poroshenko under the bus, featuring in a case under a funny code word in honour of the American cartoon character “Porky Pig”.

“No one protected Poroshenko, the main person involved is Yaresko (former Finance Minister – ed). In addition, eight or nine more people are involved. Petro Poroshenko was placed outside of the equation of the criminal case, and he was involved at that time under the code word ‘Porky’. He was the President of Ukraine, they were going to solve the issue of elections in the US, not overthrow the President of Ukraine, who they might need,” added Tsarev.

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