Oleg Tsarev on Who Impeaches Poroshenko From Coming to an Agreement on Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard




Moscow does not see signs of negotiability of Kiev, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. What else impeaches Ukraine from resolving the conflict in Donbass was told to “Economics Today” by the ex-Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Tsarev.

The influence of the “party of war” on Poroshenko

According to Lavrov, to achieve fulfilment of the Minsk agreements without direct dialogue between Kiev and Donetsk and Lugansk is impossible. Thus, the recent statements of President Poroshenko directly contradict the agreements that at the time he signed in Minsk.

“Of course, Lavrov is right – dialogue is needed, without it the conflict cannot be solved. But Petro Poroshenko has a very narrow corridor in which he can act, in fact it is actually a tiny path. To retain power he needs to maintain Parliament. If there is no Parliament the ruling coalition will disintegrate and he will have to call an election. And since Poroshenko has an extremely low rating, then all this will become the beginning of the end.

Although the ruling coalition is already being scattered. Today another Deputy left it – Yury Bublik. In turn, the American team of Republicans force Poroshenko to negotiate and resolve the situation in Donbass. But domestically, he is opposed by the “war party” – Turchynov, Avakov, Parubiy, backed by the voices of the “People’s Front”, commented Tsarev.

According to him, the “Party of war” acts autonomously and it is rather difficult to remove them from power painlessly.

“Such a step practically guarantees the collapse of the coalition, every leader there is tied to their own Deputy. About 50% of the faction are involved with Avakov, 8 people work under Turchynov, and if they are removed from power, they will withdraw most of their deputies.

Another point is that about 3,000 armed-to-the-teeth militants, who are not included in the national guard or elsewhere, are now in Vasilkov (a city in the Kiev region – ed). A significant portion of them came from Dnepropetrovsk, where they were located on a private basis. Security and military services are simply afraid to appear on this base. These armed-to-the-teeth people who are guided only by Avakov and oligarchs also pose a serious threat to Poroshenko.”

Europe prefers not to see the problems

Poroshenko is considering different options to exit the situation in which he found himself, but he doesn’t have much options. He is increasingly forced to make decisions that are imposed on him from outside. Now, fighting is ongoing across the front line of the DPR and LPR, and Donetsk is shelled as never before. All of this suggests that Poroshenko acts under the old arrangements with a team of US Democrats,” continued our source.

Lavrov also noted that the vast majority of European governments understand very well what is happening in Ukraine. Tsarev confirms that European politicians now prefer to close their eyes and ignore the problems of the resolution of the conflict in Donbass.

“Before I was put on lustration lists, when I was a four convocations People’s Deputy, I accumulated a huge number of acquaintances among foreign politicians.

Not so long ago during a meeting with German Deputies they confirmed their understanding of the conflict, but at the same time referred to instructions sent from above. European politicians know better, but are forced to act in line with the policy imposed on them by Brussels,” concluded the politician.

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