Oleg Tsarev on Why Kiev Cut the Electricity Supply to the LPR

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The termination of electrical supplies to the territory of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic as of April 25th will lead not only to de-energization, but also problems with the water supply. The former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the former head of the parliament of Novorossiya Oleg Tsarev stated this FBA “Economy Today”.

“A situation with the blackout in Lugansk already happened in 2015 – Kiev imposed a blackout on the city. Since then the authorities of the self-proclaimed Republic drew conclusions, and a power cable to the city from Russia was laid from Rostov. Then the supply of electricity was successfully restored after negotiations. But it was impossible to exclude repetitions of a similar situation, and preparation was made for it in advance. Now it is difficult to judge the scale of the consequences of such a step by Ukraine, but unambiguously they are already discussed by the authorities of the self-proclaimed Republics. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the blackout will sharply put the LPR before a problem with the supply of drinking water,” notes the politician.

The head of the Lugansk Power Association (LPA) company Vladimir Gritsay stated that power engineering specialists since April 25th, according to the decision of the government of Ukraine, will stop electrical supplies to the territory of the self-proclaimed LPR. Gritsay noted that now technical services of the company carry out certain events, and since zero hours on April 25th, the flow of energy must be completely disconnected. Besides this, the supply of electricity for the needs of the Popasnaya water utility will be also stopped. The LPA repeatedly stated that the water canal illegally uses pumps powered by electricity. Gritsay announced: On April 22nd his enterprise received relevant documents from the State company “Energorynok” coordinated with the Ministry of Energy in Kiev.

“The Lugansk region, unlike Donetsk, has no autonomous sources of water and reservoirs, it completely depends on the Ukrainian side. Of course, the consequences of the blackout will affect all residents of the LPR. Possibly, agreements with Russia for the prevention of large-scale consequences will be concluded in the nearest future. But it is worth preparing for the fact that pressure from Kiev upon the Republics of Donbass will only continue to amplify. It is worth starting to care about preventive measures of countering and reducing the consequences in advance,” notes the former deputy.

Ukraine will completely break off relations with Donbass

The emergency regime already acts in Ukraine because of a deficiency of coal of the anthracitic group, the deliveries of which were stopped because of the blockade of railways and highways, staged by Ukrainian radicals. In the middle of March Kiev also made the decision on a total freight transport blockade of the self-proclaimed Republics of Donbass. However, Kiev undertook attempts much earlier to cut off from Donbass the power and water supply. However today the LPR affirms: the Ukrainian side didn’t direct any formal notices on the interruption in the supply of electricity.

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Kiev regularly turned off the water supply in the LPR during the last one and a half years. It was motivated either by the debts of the unrecognized Republics or by technical failures in Ukrainian companies. The supply of water from controlled-by-Kiev Western Filtration Station (WFS) was reduced to the minimum quantity – about 200 cubic meters per hour, the Petrovsky conduit doesn’t work. The situation in the LPR was stabilized due to the allocation of a schedule and the redistribution of internal streams.

“Kiev will continue to cut all connections with the LPR and the DPR, it is necessary to be ready for this. Finally, the unrecognized Republics will be obliged to pass to full autonomy or an agreement with Russia in the question of supplies of everything – from gas and water to food. The example of Northern and Southern Cyprus shows that warring parties must completely stop any relations, then, after some time has passed, it will be possible to hold some negotiations on common life side by side.

The fact that in Ukraine claims against ‘subsidiaries’ of Russian banks will begin was predictable in 2014. In the nearest future Kiev will try to nationalize business of the Russians investing in the Ukrainian economy. Besides this, it is worth expecting new attempts to stage sabotage not only in Donbass, but also in Crimea. Finally, the aim of Kiev is to achieve control over the border with the Russian Federation, and they don’t hide it. It mustn’t be allowed at all. At the same time the Ukrainian authorities use all possible methods for applying pressure on the Russian Federation and Donbass, including forbidden ones,” concludes Oleg Tsarev.

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