Oleg Tsarev: Kiev Wants to Disrupt Judgement in the Case of Maidan, Fearing the Accusations Against It

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Kiev authorities are trying to disrupt court proceedings in the “case of Maidan”, for fear of accusations being aimed against it, said the politician Oleg Tsarev to Life.

“The questioning of Yanukovych was conceived as an act of PR by the government in power, but at some point in time the authorities understood that the questioning of Yanukovych can transform the judgement against the government in power. I think that the work of the court is being disrupted in order to disrupt this judgement, and not to receive revelations about current President,” said Tsarev.

He noted that the fact that the “Berkut” soldiers could not be transported to the courtroom, where they were supposed to testify, is reminiscent of a farce, like the entire political life of Ukraine.

“Three years passed, and neither the fight against corruption, nor the removal of oligarchs from power happened, it is on the contrary, the situation became worse regarding freedom. The rights of people are violated, all simple life and political life just turned into a farce, and also the judgement turned into a comedy and farce when the suspects are not brought for judgement,” explained the politician.

Questioning of Yanukovych disrupted by “Right Sector”

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