Oleg Tsarev: Kiev Won’t Be Permitted to Carry out a Large-Scale Offensive on Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Oleg Tsarev commented on yesterday’s shelling in Donbass:

“Without Poroshenko’s order, shelling in Donbass wouldn’t take place. The explanation is that Poroshenko worries about tomorrow’s events in Kiev, led by Saakashvili. All of us heard Volker’s statement that the US asked not to push forward their [Kiev’s – ed] scenario in the UN concerning peacekeepers — it means that Surkov and Volker reached an agreement. Poroshenko is in power as long as the war is ongoing, that’s why he wants its continuation.

There won’t be a large-scale offensive in Donbass, Ukraine has no powerful military opportunities, and the US won’t allow Ukraine to do it. The DPR will respond in a pinpoint, calculated manner, for the safety of the residents of Donbass,” said Tsarev.

Earlier it was reported that the situation in Donetsk and its vicinities was sharply aggravated. The Ukrainian Armed Forces launched massive attacks using heavy artillery, including MLRS, at the Kievsky district of Donetsk and the northern suburbs. As a result of the shelling, a civilian was wounded and there was lots of damage to houses and infrastructure in the city.


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