Oleg Tsarev – the Man Who Warned About Euromaidan

Translated by Ollie Richardson



Not only Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada but also ordinary Ukrainians did not heed the warning of Tsarev. And he fully revealed the US’ plans concerning the future coup in Ukraine…

Now, around the third anniversary of the beginning of the armed coup in Ukraine, which received the name “Maidan”, the active participation of American and European elites has become in many and various ways a proven theorem. And among the many adherents of Maidan, who have had three years to see where the “Revolution of Dignity” led the country, to speak about a “united national impulse” at the moment has become bad taste.

There are different opinions about the Party of Regions and, in particular, Oleg Tsarev, but what he warned from the podium of the Verkhovna Rada on 20th November 2013 about the forthcoming mass riots and coup, funded by the US — for sane Ukrainians was obvious even then:

Unfortunately, “dough conquers all.” And now, thanks to a small group of paid revolutionaries and naive pot-head degenerates, Ukraine was exactly where the puppeteers of Maidan had planned – at the bottom of civilization. With a destroyed economy, impoverished population, civil war, and with the same oligarchs and bribe-taking officials in power.

But with a new holiday — the Day of Revolution and Freedom.

Was it worth it?

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