Oleg Tsarev: Merkel Leaves Sochi in a Bad Mood

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Turchynov in conditions when the US State Department reduced its interest in Ukraine, found for himself new masters. Now Turchynov closely cooperates with the Chancellory of Mrs. Merkel. He was allocated a special person in the Embassy of Germany with who Aleksandr Turchynov regularly meets every week. The change of curator for Turchynov changes nothing. He, like how he earlier sold the Motherland for money and power, will do it now in the same way, only this time with new masters.

Germans for many years set its sights on Ukraine. Today they dream to receive Ukrainian land and Ukrainian metallurgy. German businessmen went all across the regions, inquiring about the price of assets.

Merkel conducts negotiations with Russia and America, seeking to embody the dream of German “knights” since the time of Aleksandr Nevsky about having control over Russian lands. Germans can’t afford all of Russia, but they had their eyes on Ukraine for a long time. Ukraine attracted Germans both in the First, and in the Second World War.

Ukraine has more than forty million hectares of arable land, which is very interesting in terms of produce. Germans are very much interested in buying Ukrainian land. Chernozem that wasn’t completely taken away to Germany by rail during the Great Patriotic War now can be quite legally bought. Moreover, to buy it costs a ridiculous price… Germany has land resources — only 30% of the volume of land of Ukraine. While in Germany the land value is 50,000 euros per hectare. In this situation it is impossible not to remember a quote from Karl Marx’s “Das Kapital”: “Provide to the capital 10% of profit, and the capital agrees to any application, with 20% it becomes animated, with 50% it is positively ready to go head over heels, with 100% it trample all human laws, with 300% there is no such crime that it wouldn’t risk to go, even under the fear of the gallows”. And it means that we shouldn’t be surprised by what our politician-capitalists are ready to go for. Marx, probably, even couldn’t imagine the percent of profit that it is possible to earn by manipulations on the sale of land in Ukraine.

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Germans show an interest not only in Ukrainian land, but also in metallurgy. If they manage to buy metallurgy in Ukraine, If they manage to buy metallurgy in Ukraine, then Germany will take second or third place in the world in the production of metal.

Now in Ukraine a whole group of experts and businessmen from Germany work, German experts ventured to all regions of the country. Their task — monitoring the market of the land.

In order to realize their plans for economic expansion, for a start they need to carry out political expansion. This is a standard world practice. Otherwise, there is every chance of both losing money and not achieving the designated goals. Pay attention to how Russia lost money invested in the Ukrainian subsidiaries of Russian banks in Ukraine. Also believe me, this is not the last loss of Russia in Ukraine.

At that time Merkel trained Klitschko for the Presidency. Klitschko was training in Germany, has a house in Germany, knows German. Merkel wanted to have grab Ukraine by installing her President. It is precisely for this reason that Germany actively supported Maidan. Biden outplayed Merkel and installed Poroshenko. At that time Merkel retreated, but now she tries to get her revenge.

Merkel can ask the US for the right to govern Ukraine in exchange for her leadership of both Germany and Ukraine accurately acting in line with American policy.

But what can Merkel offer Russia? The lifting of sanctions? Isn’t this proposal weak?

If Merkel succeeded to agree with everyone, then Avakov, Pashinsky, and Parubiy would make such a proposal to Poroshenko that he couldn’t not refuse, and he would be compelled to write his resignation, citing his health. The power would pass to those who Merkel places a stake on.

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I don’t know about you, but I am glad that Merkel leaves Sochi in a bad mood. My great-grandmother will definitely not appreciate it if, like 70 years ago, young blond guys in gray-green uniforms with rolled-up sleeves will come to her house with a question — are there eggs and milk here?

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