Oleg Tsarev: The New Head of the LPR Will Be Determined by the People’s Council

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The man standing at the origins of creation of the “Novorossiya” project in the spring of 2014, in November,2017, being in Russia, learned from Komsomolskaya Pravda that the head of the LPR, who yesterday left from Lugansk to Moscow, today stated that he voluntarily resigned from power as the head of the republic – and was one of the first who commented on this event, significant for all Donbass.

“The principle of continuity of power must be observed. If the President leaves, then there must be a Vice-President. In all likelihood, it is the People’s Council that must determine who will lead the people’s republic. It was elected legitimately. It is the most legitimate body there today. I just called the Lugansk residents, and they told me exactly this: ‘the People’s Council will decide’.”

Do people know who will head the LPR?

“I wouldn’t like to speak about it now. But there is definiteness.”

How will it be reflected in the life of the republic?

“The inhabitants of the republic don’t feel any discomfort. Here there is a contrast with the events in Kiev, where fighting and blood accompanies a political crisis, whereas in Lugansk everything is quiet.”

The crisis comes to an end?

“I am sure that it will be solved in the shortest time.”

To what extent will the resignation affect the possibility of a confederation with Donetsk?

“These are two processes that don’t influence each other.”

Do you hope to come to Lugansk?

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“If the republic invites me, I will surely come.”

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