Oleg Tsarev: On the Anniversary of Euromaidan – Ukraine Is for Sale…

Poroshenko secured the support of Soros, and so it’s unlikely that his parliamentary immunity will be removed from him. The meeting of the Normandy Four will not become a Rubicon in solving the issue of peace in Donbass. Concerning this and the results of Euromaidan after 6 years I talked to the correspondent of the publication “ukraina.ru” Aleksandr Chalenko:

Oleg, today is the 6th anniversary of Euromaidan. Is there any rethinking of these tragic events in the Euromaidan environment? Is there an understanding that all this led to a tragedy and that it led to the beginning of the collapse of the country? Or has nothing changed, like the idea and directions are right, but the performers are bad?

“Disappointment is probably a word that today unites both those who were neutral about Maidan and those who supported it.

The press conference of Andrey Derkach and Aleksandr Dubinsky was very interesting. We saw that those who robbed Ukraine – both Petro Poroshenko and Viktor Yanukovych – united in one team. In general, there is common disappointment with the outcome of Maidan.

But unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to put this disappointment in a constructive direction. Let us remember how during the Orange Revolution Yushchenko‘s supporters promoted the theory that their candidate had been poisoned. But time passed, and they no longer cared if he was poisoned or not. No one is returning to this topic anymore. Therefore, it is very important to direct this disappointment in a constructive direction.

But so far I don’t see any preconditions and political forces that could explicitly say: Maidan was not needed by the country, the ATO was not needed by the country, and to deploy domestic and foreign policy to cancel the results of Euromaidan.

There is disappointment, but so far there has been no change of policy.”

According to your feelings, should we expect a breakthrough in solving the issue of restoring peace in Donbass from the forthcoming meeting of the Normandy Four?

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“To date Donbass has become a grey zone, and the existence of this grey zone benefits many. It’s just that a lot of people there make money, political capital. Going against the interests of many political elites is extremely difficult for Zelensky.

It is obvious that Zelensky is ready to move in this direction of the steps that are being taken in solving the Donbass issue, but to what extent it will succeed, it is difficult to say now.

As for the Normandy meeting itself, let us hope that a step will be taken in ending the war. Big it will be a step or small, will show time. But it is obvious that this Normandy meeting will not be a Rubicon, where after one meeting, and at the snap of the fingers, hostilities will cease, Donbass will be unblocked, and a peaceful life will be established.”

About the land market. Will the sale of agricultural land in Ukraine start after all?

“Ukraine is going to default. At the same time, more than 300 enterprises have been put up for sale. And by the time of default, the land market will have to be opened. It is clear that at the time of default all of this will cost a penny. All this is wanted by foreign investors, along with Soros and other major financiers.

Ukraine is deliberately led to slaughter and sale. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance, the National Bank, and Cabinet of Ministers are controlled by people who are going to buy up Ukraine later.”

Poroshenko was summoned for questioning. A presentation to the Rada on the removal of his parliamentary immunity is being prepared and he may be handed a notice of suspicion. Will the West allow Poroshenko to be arrested? And in general the arrest will take place or the initiation of criminal proceedings will simply be a factor of putting pressure on him, so that his political force does not oppose too much to the course of Zelensky?

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“The word ‘West’ probably doesn’t exactly fit. The word ‘Soros’ is more suitable here.”

Why Soros?

“Because in Ukraine there are three main groups now in power, apart from the small groups: the group ’95 quarter’, the group of Kolomoisky, and the group Pinchuk-Soros. The latter is the Prosecutor’s Office, it is Cabinet of Ministers, and a large part of the deputies in ‘Servants of the People’.

Therefore, when Poroshenko’s possible arrest was discussed in the ‘Servants of the People’ faction, it was said that if the issue were to be resolved, there would be a free vote. Why a free vote?

Because if to give a command to vote on the removal of parliamentary immunity, and a third of the faction will not follow it, then it will be tantamount to admitting that you are a naked king.

So when I gave an interview to your publication in the past, I said that Poroshenko, having lost the election, went to Gontareva in London. In fact, this trip served not to meet Gontareva, but to meet Soros.

As a result, Poroshenko secured Soros’ support and returned to Kiev on the rise. The Pinchuk-Soros group supports Poroshenko, and ideologically it is closer to Poroshenko than to Zelensky. These are grant-raised, working in grant organisations, and working with Poroshenko, among others.

Therefore, for Zelensky to raise the issue of removing immunity (from Poroshenko) in parliament is a risky step. He can give a command, and it won’t be fulfilled.

What decision Zelensky will eventually make is unclear, but it is quite possible that he will wait for the end of the year, when the topic of immunity will go away by itself.”

Oleg Tsarev

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