Oleg Tsarev on the Purpose of the Attack in Donetsk and the Tense Situation in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



The murder of the Head of the DPR Aleksandr Zakharchenko demonstrates that Kiev doesn’t intend to stop its terrorist activity on the territory of the DPR, Crimea, and even Russia, said the former Ukrainian politician, deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, and candidate for the President of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev.

“Zakharchenko’s death is a big loss for all of us. I became acquainted with him in 2014, our second meeting happened on Saur-Mogila, where he arranged protection. Kiev never abandoned its plans to liquidate Zakharchenko,” said Tsarev.

He also commented on the rumors that Zakharchenko’s deputy Timofeev could’ve been the target of the explosion:

“It is impossible to exclude that the murderers initially expected to remove Zakharchenko’s entire team via one explosion. However, the assumption that Timofeev was the only target has little basis. Around Timofeev there were many conflicts, his activity in the DPR was contradictory, but I think that nevertheless Zakharchenko was the aim”.

According to Tsarev, at the moment in Kiev there is no single position on the necessary actions that need to be undertaken in connection with Zakharchenko’s murder. The situation in Ukraine is extremely tense.

“Many in Kiev have condemned the fact that the president of Ukraine Poroshenko went to McCain’s funeral despite it being necessary to become more active in the Donetsk direction. At the same time others consider that Zakharchenko’s death will become a casus belli for Russia, and in the near future it is necessary to expect steps for the recognition of the DPR,” summarised the politician.

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